Intel Software Guard Extensions SGX

Intel® Software Guard Extensions (SGX) for Confidential Computing

Strengthen your application security and data protection with a solution that gives you full control

Intel Software Guard Extensions (SGX)

Secure data that is in use

Intel SGX explaination graphics

Strengthen your Defence in-depth (DiD) strategy

Intel® Software Guard Extensions (SGX) is a powerful hardware security solution that enables users to isolate applications in encrypted memory enclaves. Intel® SGX is built into the processor, so applications are protected against malware and unauthorised users — even if the operating system or hypervisor layers are compromised. The result is superior data protection, which is perfect for companies that process sensitive information — particularly in the healthcare and financial service sectors.

Go further securing your applications

Businesses can no longer rely on perimeter defences alone to keep their applications secure. This is why it is essential to adopt security solutions that protect the memory — where the applications are stored. Intel® SGX is the ultimate solution, as it partitions data and application code in encrypted, reliable enclaves. By using OVHcloud dedicated servers equipped with Intel® SGX, you get a protected memory size of up to 512GB.

What is Intel® Software Guard Extensions (SGX)?

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What is Intel SGX
Protect your data with a wide range of compatible products

Intel® SGX is available with 3rd generation Intel® Xeon E and Intel® Xeon Scalable processors. It is also included with our ADV-1, ADV-2 and ADV-6 dedicated servers.

Secure your data while it is in use

As software layer security gets improved, hackers are quick to jump into the stack in search of new vulnerabilities. Companies should start by securing the very first layer: the silicon.
Reliable enclaves provided by Intel® SGX are perfect for storing critical data, such as passwords, customer information, medical records, financial data, and encryption keys.

Intel® SGX protects against:

  • Malicious insiders with administrative privileges
  • Hackers who exploit hypervisor or OS bugs
  • Third parties who access certain data without the consent of its owner