Farming Simulator Server

How to create a Farming Simulator dedicated server?

Farming Simulator is a highly popular simulation game that has spent its fair share of time at the top of Steams most popular list. Players experience a day in the life as a farmer – handling machinery, driving vehicles, harvesting crops, tending to animals, and taking time to appreciate the highly relaxing scenery. FS 22 will even allow virtual farmers to plant and harvest grapes and olives thanks to new production chain features. Produce wonderful juices and high-quality olive oil flawlessly with our Farming Simulator game servers.

Get the reward of a full day’s work!

Those who haven’t played Farming Simulator – such as FS 17, FS 19, FS 20, and FS 22 – are often shocked by the games huge level of popularity. However, once players grow accustomed to the game, they realise that it’s the gift that keeps on giving. You might be checking the chicken coop at 7am, getting machinery ready to begin harvest, or hiring, and delegating new workers. Or is it time to save up money and purchase a shiny new harvester cutter? Renting a Farming Simulator Game Server will keep you and all your friends busy – offering a flawless farming platform that’s endlessly rewarding.

Why rent a Farming Simulator dedicated server…? Play together, forever!

Don’t let technical issues disrupt the lush green reality of your Farming Simulation experience!

With a dedicated Game Server, unexpected crashes are a thing of the past. There’s no need to worry about other players losing connection or the client failing.

You and your friends play together in a single, strong, and stable ecosystem to get the very best experience possible. With a dedicated game server your map is running 24/7 for persistent farming worlds where players can log in and play together anytime they want.
In this way, players aren’t limited to their friends gaming sessions when playing on the same map! If someone needs to leave, you continue playing. If all players have left, the game will pause so your animals stay healthy, and your crops don’t spoil!

Match up all your friends to the same game effortlessly for the most enjoyable, fully-fledged Farming Simulator experience possible!  

OVHcloud Game dedicated servers give you the best power for you and your farming community.

What are the advantages of a Farming Simulator dedicated server?

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Unlimited customisation

Configure and customize your Farming Simulator server in whichever way suits you and your friends! Easily install plugins and mods, switch locations, and add additional administrators.

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Unbeatable performance

Dedicated game servers are built with improved technology to provide you with better performance. AMD Ryzen processors combined with the Zen 3 architecture boosts performance by up to 26%. Our datacentres take advantage of water-cooling technology to ensure that your Game server operates at maximum efficiency.


With traffic speeds up to 1 Gbit/s, experience seamless game play on our range of Game servers. Choose a server from one of our worldwide datacentres nearest to your players to achieve the lowest latency possible. All Game servers offer you the highest level of availability for gaming with a 99.9% service level agreement (SLA).

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Anti-DDoS Game Protection

All our dedicated Game servers come with Anti-DDoS Game Protection, developed exclusively for gaming to protect your games and provide the best user/gaming experience. Unlike standard solutions, it is specialized to UDP traffic (specific to video game traffic) and has incoming and outgoing controls. Additionally, you can employ certain game mode settings to increase your protection.


You establish a foundation for your online game platform with OVHcloud dedicated servers, which are highly dependable and technically sound. We frequently update our product lines and the building blocks that support them so you can always enjoy the best possible gameplay.

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Storage space

Every second matters when playing online games. The NVMe SSD disks used in our dedicated Game servers have capacities between 500GB and 960GB. They greatly speed up reaction times and let you perform backups. To tailor the storage capacity of your Game server, you can select from a range of drives.

Meet all your gaming needs!

Our servers were designed with the video game industry in mind. Resellers can use our solutions to set up game servers and provide players with an excellent experience in a safe environment. Developers can focus on designing a game while we take care of hosting.
Do you wish to create a shared experience with your audience? Check out this advice for your streamers and your community: Purchase a Game server, then create your own world. Set up Twitch on the server and provide relevant content! You can also host a Discord bot, set up Mumble, or use TeamSpeak to improve community interaction while playing games.


  1. Choose and setup your Game server.

    The server configuration we would advise depends entirely on whether you plan to utilise your game server as a solo machine or as part of a cluster. We advise using Game-1 and 2 servers for occasions like LAN parties and e-sports competitions.

    If you’re a hosting provider, it takes a lot of resources to build multiple virtual private servers (VPS) on Dedicated Servers. You should think about which options allow for the highest single threaded performance as well as secure and dependable network solutions to maximize the number of VPS per dedicated Farming Simulator servers. In this case, we suggest using the GAME-2 range servers.

    The following minimal configuration for each virtual Farming Simulator server is advised:

    •    2.0 GHz Intel or equivalent AMD dual-core processor.
    •    2 GB RAM.
    •    6 GB free hard drive space.
    •    100 MB/s is the recommended speed for a dependable internet connection.

    Please keep in mind that this advice applies to a small group of players. Higher performance OVHcloud Game servers allow you to host more players for a more advanced gaming experience.

    Once you have chosen the type of server, you can launch its installation from the OVHcloud Control Panel. First, select your operating system (Windows Server, Dedicated Server Ubuntu or Dedicated Server Linux). You can then log in and configure it to suit your needs, and the specifics of your infrastructure.

  2. Configure your Farming Simulator server.

    Follow the recommended steps below to prepare your custom Farming Simulator server:

    •    You can configure it directly from the Steam Workshop.
    •    Install the server files via SteamCMD.
    •    Enter your command lines, admin credentials, and passwords.
    •    Ensure that UDP ports 1200, UDP ports 27000 to 27020 and TCP ports 27030 to 27039 are open.
    •    Launch your server for the first time, then reboot it (recommended step).
    •    Your server is now ready to use.

    Need assistance configuring your dedicated server? There are many guides available.

    Even though the server comes with a lot of storage (500 GB), we recommend adding more space for backups.

    Each server has a range of IPv6 addresses in addition to a public IPv4 address. More can be ordered (up to 256 per machine). They make it possible for you to appear on the list of Farming Simulator servers.