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Advance-1 Dedicated Server


Special offer

This server offers optimal performance, thanks to its very high-frequency hexacore processor. With the latest Intel® Rocket Lake-E processor and NVMe SSD disks, you can host your business websites and software with total peace of mind.

The advanced security feature (Intel® SGX) also helps improve application and data protection, by safeguarding against data disclosure or modification.

This entry-level platform is available with 1Gbit/s public and private bandwidth.

  • Intel® Rocket Lake-E Processor
  • PCIe Gen4 Controller
  • Intel Software Guard Extensions (SGX)
Cpu :
Memory :
Storage :
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Use Cases

Multimedia processing

Store, transform and stream your multimedia files: images, videos, etc.

Plesk management interface

Host and speed up your website administration

Confidential computing

Protect your data during processing, with advanced hardware memory encryption (enclave) security features.