Le support OVH, l'engagement auprès de nos clients
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The new Standard support level

Support levels - Standard

Self-service support: knowledge bases, FAQs and forums

We automatically assign the Standard support level for all of our solutions.  This level is mainly for autonomous customers, who use services for non-critical applications.

Standard support is included for free with each OVHcloud solution. This includes access to a full support centre, where you can browse guides, tutorials and FAQs. The OVH Community is also available to answer your questions.

Surveillance constante et interventions 24 h/24, 7 j/7 par OVH

Constant monitoring and interventions, 24/7

OVHcloud infrastructures are monitored constantly. Anytime we detect a hardware malfunction, our datacentre teams intervene automatically.

They will replace any defective elements. We only ever intervene with hard disks, which contain your data, if we have agreed this with you.

OVHcloud Community

OVH Community

OVHcloud has provided a dedicated place for customers to communicate: OVH Community. You can ask questions, or just talk to other users.

These resources are always available at any time, without restriction.

Support Standard OVH


We put everything in place, so that you can get started as easily as possible. In certain situations, you will have an appointment with one of our advisers once your service has been delivered.

This is an opportunity to chat about whatever subject you need to: technical advice, security, the OVH Control Panel, and so on.