Create a business email account

How to create a business email account with OVHcloud

Email is one of the most widely-used means of communication for exchanging messages, information and documents. Customising your email solution is important, as it plays a part in shaping your company’s image.

Many tools offer free mailbox creation. OVHcloud business email servers are reliable and secure. Your business benefits from an expanded storage capacity, and dedicated options.

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Why create a business email account?

We recommend opting for a business email address linked to your company’s domain name. There are several reasons for this.

  • It helps promote your business and brand. With each exchange, your company name is visible to your customers — so it solidifies your reputation.
  • It is reassuring to customers. An email account attached to your company conveys a professional image, and strengthens your communication.
  • It secures your email, and improves deliverability. A business email account offers anti-virus and anti-spam protection, to protect you from malicious content. It also limits deliverability errors.
  • It keeps your address up and running. Keep your business email account, no matter which provider you are hosting it with. Since it is linked to the domain name, you can migrate it to OVHcloud, for example.
  • You can store more data. Our business solutions offer you more storage space.

Find out how to create a business email account with OVHcloud in 4 steps.

Step 1: Log in to the OVHcloud Control Panel, and create your email account.

Log in to your OVHcloud customer panel using your login details.

Then go to the ‘Web Cloud’ section.

If you have not yet opted for an Email Pro solution, click “Order” and choose the solution that best fits your needs.

In the left-hand column, click on “Email Pro” if you already have an email account.

Step 2: Choose your business email domain name.

In the left-hand column, click on “Domain names”, and select the domain name you would like to link your new email address to. To perform this action, you will need to have reserved a domain name beforehand.

You must link a domain name to the Email Pro service.

Step 3: Select “Create an email address”.

In the “Email Pro” section on the left-hand column, click on the email address concerned. Next, select the “Emails” tab, then “Create an email address”.

Step 4: Configure access to your new email account.

You can create an email address via the following steps:

  • Fill in the “Account name” box with the holder’s name (firstname.lastname for example).
  • If required, fill in the description to distinguish this email address from others.
  • Select the email account’s storage size.
  • Set a password, then confirm it.

This step is essential for security reasons. Your password must meet the following criteria: between 9 and 30 characters without accents. We also recommend using a complex password that is not related to your personal information. It is important to renew it regularly, too.

Need help creating an email address? Our dedicated guide will give you step-by-step support.

OVHcloud business email solutions

OVHcloud offers 3 solutions for creating a business email account: Email Pro, Hosted Exchange and Private Exchange.

Exchange is a professional email solution offered by Microsoft and hosted by OVHcloud in two versions: Hosted Exchange and Private Exchange.

With this collaborative solution, you can interact with the Microsoft Office suite: SharePoint, Excel, Word, PowerPoint. OVHcloud offers a minimum storage capacity of 50GB per account, along with all of the required security features.

Exchange has been created to sync your Exchange account (emails, calendar, contacts) across all your devices.

Finally, you can migrate your old email for free with OVHcloud Mail Migrator.