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Communicate on behalf of your business with an e-mail account at a competitive price

Email Pro

From €1.99 ex. VAT/month

10GB storage
Data hosted in France
99.99% availability

Services included with your Email Pro email

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Email address customised with your domain name

Create a unique email address linked to your domain name to convey a professional image to your contacts.

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Data hosted in Europe

Your email accounts and their related data are hosted on our servers in Europe, in our own datacentres. This means your emails have a high level of security and performance in their storage space.

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Anti-virus and anti-spam

Manage your email safely with our anti-virus and anti-spam solutions, included by default in your email accounts.

E-mail Pro-e-mail professionnelle OVHcloud

Get noticed with a professional email address

Your company email address is a sign of how serious your business is to your customers and prospects. Creating and using your professional mailbox is very easy.

  • Link your domain name to your professional email address in your Control Panel.
  • Log in to your e-mail account from anywhere, using your computer, smartphone or tablet.
  • Access your emails with your web browser (webmail) or your usual email client.
  • Manage your email services (calendar, tasks, contacts, etc.) from your computer.
E-mail Pro-Migration facile OVHcloud

Easy and reversible migration of your email accounts

With our free OVHcloud Mail Migrator service, you can automatically migrate the contents from your current email addresses to your new email address.

  • Keep your old emails in your new email inbox.
  • Migrate your contacts, calendars and tasks.
  • Run a single migration or batch migration using project mode.

Email Pro technical specifications


Mailbox size 10GB
Data location France
Infrastructure Shared
Email client compatible with multiple devices Included
Webmail Custom Outlook Web Access (OWA)
Collaborative features Limited, via webmail
Calendar and contact syncing No
Dedicated IP No


Productivity and collaboration

Calendar Webmail
Tasks Webmail
Contacts Webmail
Calendar, task and contact sharing Webmail
Mobile access* No


*Enables access to email services such as calendar, tasks, and contacts from a mobile device.
With Email Pro, only emails are accessible from a mobile device.

Service management

Auto-configuration Included
OVHcloud Mail Migrator (OMM) Included
Change password through webmail Included


Security and availability

Anti-virus and anti-spam Included
Anti-DDoS Included
SSL Certificate Included
SPF (Check/Apply) Included
DKIM (Check/Apply) Yes/No
DMARC (Check/Apply) Yes/No
Backup Included (daily)
Kept for 14 days
Availability 99.99%
Redundancy Geographical redundancy: 2 datacentres
Physical redundancy: 2 infrastructures/datacentre



Plus-Addressing Included
Inbox Rules (Filters/Reception rules) Included
Auto-replies Included
Account delegation Included
Offline mode Included
Spam management Included
Non-authoritative domain Included
Compatible with multiple domains Included
Compatible with external domains Included
Send As/Send on Behalf Included
Export .PST from the OVHcloud Control Panel No
Common footer for each domain name Included
Sending and receiving diagnostics No
Device management No
External contacts Included
Shared accounts No
Resource Accounts (Rooms and Equipment) No



Maximum email size limit IMAP: 10MB
Inbox capacity Unlimited
Sending limit None
Maximum number of recipients Send: 100
Receive: 100
Alias 1,000 per account
Distribution group No


Collaborative Microsoft solutions

Share, edit and communicate wherever you are.
OVHcloud offers you secure, ready-to-use tools.

Your questions answered

Can I access my emails from a mobile device, such as a phone or tablet?

With our Email Pro solution, you can access your emails from your smartphone or tablet. However, you will not have access to other services on your email client, such as calendars, tasks or contacts. These services are only accessible via your email client. To benefit from more advanced mobility features, you can opt for our Hosted Exchange or Private Exchange solutions.

How do I create a professional email address?

Having a professional email address has several benefits. Using an email address that includes your company’s domain name shows your customers that you are serious about what you do. You will also receive services that will benefit your business, with more secure exchanges, and your data stored with privacy in mind. Features like email redirection, aliases, and centralised username and password management allow you to manage your business emails according to your needs.


How do I choose a professional email address?

When you launch your email service, you will usually need to create multiple email addresses. You must plan for all scenarios so that each address is unique and sets out its precise use.

Examples of email addresses:

  • for an employee:
  • for a sales contact:
  • for receiving contact requests via your website:

How do I link my domain name to my email address?

It’s easy to link a domain name to your email address. Simply go to your OVHcloud Control Panel, select the “Email Pro” tab, then add the domain name you want to use. Then, create an email address and link them together.

How do I get an email address with a personalised domain name?

There are several services you can use to link an email program to your domain name. You must have an active domain name and subscribe to a professional email solution. That way, you can use an email address that ends with your chosen domain name.

How do I create an account and set up a professional email address?

Once you have activated the email service and linked it to your domain name, you just need to create an email account. To do this, enter the account name, the description (username, for example), the size of the mailbox, and your password. With webmail, you can access your inbox directly and start sending and receiving emails. To find out more about configuring your email address in a compatible software application, please refer to our guides: