Game Dedicated Servers

Host, play, share

Want to bring your community of players together in your favourite universe? Host them on our Game servers. Equipped with high-performance AMD Ryzen™ processors, they deliver a unique gaming experience.


Raw power to support competitive solutions

With AMD Ryzen™ processors, you get the best performance on the market. Reduce loading times, boost your responsiveness, and stay one step ahead of the game.

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Custom protection

To protect your players, we include OVHcloud Anti-DDoS Game protection, designed in-house by our experts. This protection is included with all Game servers.

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The ultimate gaming experience

To deliver an optimal online gaming experience, our servers have up to 1Gbit/s bandwidth. You can also host your servers in our various datacentres across the globe, for minimal latency.

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*Traffic billed for Asia-Pacific datacentres

For all players in the gaming community

We will support you with your most ambitious projects

The 2021 ZLAN event was based on our Game servers. This extraordinary multi-gaming competition gathered over 150,000 viewers on Twitch throughout the event. In the video below, their technical team explains how our servers helped ensure that their event was a success.

Other examples of gaming projects


Organise a global race

Organise your TrackMania competition, and unleash your community’s talents. Map your tracks with the help of your subscribers, and host large-scale races. Let them compete, wherever they are based in the world. Order, configure and deploy your cluster in record time.

Role play

Create your own GTA RP server

What could be better than playing a unique character you have designed, and immersing yourself in a limitless game universe? Offer your gaming community an RP server on GTA V, and let them build a custom city. For everything — from police and criminals to businesspeople — the world is your oyster.


Build a world together

From large-scale games of hide-and-seek to building competitions and ranged battles, Minecraft is the ultimate creative sandbox terrain. Want to share a passion with your gaming community? Rent a server by the month, and launch your most ambitious projects.

Our servers can be adapted to suit a range of other games: Half-Life/Source Engine (CS:GO/CSS, Team Fortress, Left 4 Dead 2, Minecraft (Query and Bedrock Edition), Ark, Rust, ARMA, ShootMania, GTA (MTASA, SAMP), and more.

Share your concepts



Configure Twitch on your dedicated server to stream your live games, while interacting with your community.

Mumble 2


Install this free VoIP software on your dedicated server to use its features while you play.

 TeamSpeak 2


Create multiple chat channels, and communicate with your teammates in a reliable and secure environment.

Start your gaming project

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We work with leading hardware providers like AMD to deliver you the best performance for your games. This means you get processors optimised for online gaming, to give your community the best quality of service.


Deploy your servers in our 33 datacentres around the world. You also get a highly resilient secure network, and a 99.90% SLA across the Game range.

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By creating an infrastructure with OVHcloud dedicated servers, you are building a reliable technical platform for your online games. We regularly update our product lines, and the components on which they are based — so you always get the ultimate gameplay experience.

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To ensure optimal performance around the clock, we have innovative solutions like water-cooling for energy efficiency, and our Anti-DDoS Game protection to secure your online games.

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We provide clear information on pricing, services and options. All of our solutions come with features included by default at no extra cost — such as unlimited ingress and egress traffic*, and 500GB of external storage space.

*Excludes datacentres in the Asia-Pacific region.

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You can install a number of operating systems automatically via the OVHcloud Control Panel. We offer a wide range of systems, including Windows Server, Debian, Ubuntu and CentOS. In the order process, you can customise your server’s storage capacity with a wide range of disks.

About OVHcloud

Our goal is to provide an open, reversible and interoperable cloud. This core value benefits our 1.6 million customers in 140 countries, as we continue to build our global footprint in 33 datacentres with the latest generation of private, public and web cloud services.

We have created an integrated, sustainable business model that uses cutting-edge technologies to assemble our servers — which are equipped with water-cooling technology, and hosted in our specialised datacentres. This value chain enables us to offer the best prices on the market for similar performance. Furthermore, our pricing is completely transparent — so customers can predict their costs, and will not get any unexpected charges when they are billed.

Our global 32Tbit/s fibre optic network is distributed across 38 points of presence, with real-time monitoring and anti-DDoS protection. This means it is optimised for stability, redundancy and availability — so our customers get unrivalled efficiency and security for their businesses. Our network mitigated one of the largest DDoS attacks on record.


70 Tbps
of global network capacity

34 datacenters
present on 4 continents

44 redundant PoPs
around the world