SAP on OVHCloud

OVHcloud offers secure, automated infrastructures for hosting your SAP environments in a sovereign cloud.

Our SAP on OVHcloud solutions can be adapted to suit any company for a smooth, optimal experience.


Your SAP environments in a sovereign cloud

With more than 20 years of recognised cloud experience, European datacentres that are SAP Certified in Cloud and Infrastructure Operations, and servers compliant with SAP HANA TDI (Tailored Datacenter Integration), we support you in migrating your SAP environments to the cloud within our automated, qualified infrastructures.

By the end of 2027, all instances of the SAP ERP Central Component (ECC) must be migrated to SAP S/4HANA.

Our SAP on OVHcloud solutions offer a certified, flexible, and resilient infrastructure for effortless, secure deployment of SAP S/4HANA in a sovereign cloud.


Why choose OVHcloud for your SAP environments?

Cost reduction

Migrating to the cloud lowers your infrastructure’s operational costs. Our prices are transparent, so you will not find any unexpected fees in your bills.

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Partner ecosystem

Our ecosystem of SAP-certified partners and integrators can support you in installing, configuring, and managing SAP HANA and SAP S/4HANA.

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A wide range of infrastructures

We offer a wide range of bare-metal dedicated servers and cloud infrastructures. Choose the right solution for your project, with the very best value for performance.

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Tailored support

With our skills centre, we support you in building your SAP project.

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Sovereign cloud

OVHcloud’s infrastructure is maintained by our experts, and processing is carried out in strict compliance with the rules in effect. This is to protect freedom of choice for our users, as well as data confidentiality and sovereignty.

Managed SAP on OVHcloud Architecture


SAP on OVHcloud solutions

New SAP Environment - Greenfield

The perfect solution for deploying a SAP test or production environment hosted on a secure, private infrastructure.

Bare Metal
Migrating to the cloud - Brownfield

The simplest, most popular solution for migrating to SAP S/4HANA, and modernising a SAP environment in the cloud.

Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) and high availability

Our certified European datacentres secure your SAP architecture with their high-performance private connection.


Custom analysis

Ask our experts for a custom analysis of your SAP project.

Need advice?

Your questions answered

What is SAP HANA?

SAP HANA (high-performance analytic appliance) is a relational in-memory database management system developed and marketed by SAP for its ERP offerings.

Why have SAP environments in a sovereign cloud?

OVHcloud implements technical and organisational measures aimed at protecting the data hosted by its EU-based customers against interference from authorities outside of this zone.

What certifications and qualifications does SAP on OVHcloud have?

To offer SAP on OVHcloud solutions, we rely on two types of certification:

  • EMEA SAP® Cloud and Infrastructure Operations certification for OVHcloud datacentres.
  • Our infrastructure’s TDI qualification. Our HGR-HCI Bare Metal servers meet the TDI SAP (Tailored Datacenter Integration) criteria.

Certified OVHcloud datacentres — what does that mean?

OVHcloud has received the EMEA SAP Cloud and Infrastructure Operations certification. This means that SAP has audited OVHcloud datacentres in Europe — and this certification is a testament to our excellence in terms of organisation, operations, and maintenance to host SAP environments.

What does TDI mean?

Tailored Datacenter Integration (TDI) is a SAP qualification for deploying a SAP HANA project on existing hardware.
The SAP HANA TDI qualification offers more flexibility than standard infrastructures. It certifies the hardware components of our infrastructure. SAP offered this qualification so that customers can deploy SAP HANA on more flexible hardware while staying within their IT budgets, facilitating implementation and innovation cycles. The goal is to provide SAP customers with simplified access to SAP HANA infrastructure solutions.

Which partners and integrators are recommended by OVHcloud for deploying SAP environments in the cloud?

OVHcloud relies on a network of technical and functional partners to support customers with their SAP projects. Please contact us for more information.

How do I migrate my SAP system to OVHcloud?

There are different tools for migrating an existing SAP system to OVHcloud. With our network of partners, we support our customers in making their projects a success. Please contact us for more information.

If the customer already has their own infrastructure, how can they migrate their SAP environment to OVHcloud?

There are a variety of use cases for migrating an existing SAP system to the OVHcloud environment.

How are our Bare Metal and Private Cloud infrastructures combined to host SAP environments?

As part of deploying a SAP system, OVHcloud recommends an infrastructure based on the combination of Bare Metal (to install the SAP HANA base) and a private cloud (based on VMware) for satellite and non-HANA systems. Both environments are connected via the vRack, which is a private and secure connection.

Do I need to buy my SAP licence from OVHcloud?

No, the licence is paid for by the end user. Purchases are made directly from SAP.

Are SAP on OVHcloud solutions available in the trusted zone?

SAP on OVHcloud solutions can be available in the trusted zone.
The TDI-qualified HGR-HCI Bare Metal, which can be used to deploy SAP HANA databases in an environment (DEV, QAL, PROD), is available in the trusted zone.
OVHcloud Private Cloud Premier — which can be used to deploy satellite and non-HANA systems based on VMware technology — holds SecNumCloud certification from the French National Agency for Information Systems Security (ANSSI).
Please feel free to contact us for more information.

What are the use cases for SAP on OVHcloud?

Among the most common projects are the following four main use cases:

  • Greenfield (new deployment of SAP S/4HANA or new SAP module in the cloud).
  • Brownfield (ECC migration to SAP S/4HANA and/or deployment of new features).
  • Replatforming (Lift & Shift, Lift & Migrate).
  • HA and Reliability (High availability/Disaster recovery).