Bulk SMS marketing

Bulk SMS marketing

Target as many contacts as you want.


Bulk SMS sending via the internet

Import your contact lists, compose your message, and send your SMS campaign immediately or with a scheduled delay — all in just a few clicks. SMS mailing is cost-effective, easy to set up, and is the most effective communication method — particularly when it comes to organising advertising campaigns or managing information distribution, for example.

Degressive pricing to help you save money on sending SMS messages

Get lower prices depending on the volume of SMS messages sent, and save up to 20%. The more SMS messages you send, the lower the cost.

There is no limit to the number of SMS messages you can send, or the number of contacts. Quantity does not affect the deliverability of your bulk SMS campaigns, as OVHcloud ensures redundancy. If a “route” separating our outgoing platform from your recipient proves to be “closed” or “damaged”, the SMS will pass through a second route, so the message is sent properly.

Schedule an alert to inform you that your SMS credits have fallen below a pre-determined threshold. By doing this, you can avoid the risk of not having enough credit for your SMS campaign.

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Why create SMS mailings with OVHcloud Telecom?


Did you know?

SMS messages have a 97% opening rate!

By choosing this communication method for your marketing campaigns, you can make a quick impact with short, striking messages. Bulk SMS sending is a great way to get your commercial offerings to as many people as possible. It also targets your contacts precisely at different stages of the customer experience. Furthermore, with the OVHcloud Telecom API, bulk SMS sending can be integrated directly into your website or application.