SMS marketing

SMS marketing

Launch an SMS marketing campaign, and develop your marketing strategy.

Create your SMS campaign in a few clicks

Create a campaign in just a few minutes.
You can do this at any time, from any computer connected to the internet.

Simply import your database in XLS or CSV format, then choose the contacts you want to send your campaign to via SMS. This can be all or part of your contacts, which you can select as part of a more targeted action. With our web SMS solutions, you can also clean duplicates in your database for free.

Depending on your needs, you can either send your campaign immediately or schedule a delayed sending, by setting a time and date. Depending on the campaign you are running, you can send simple push SMS messages or, as part of a survey, give the recipient the option of replying to the SMS.


Did you know?

More than 90% of SMS messages are read within 3 minutes of being received.
This makes it three times faster than the read rate for emails.

At OVHcloud, deliverability is assured by the redundant routing used by your SMS. This means you get reliable reception services.


Why create SMS marketing campaigns?

On top of having a very high opening rate, SMS messaging is also a cost-effective communication method. SMS advertising campaigns are quick and simple to set up — and you can also use them to reach all your customers in one go. As a result, you will see a high ROI.
Stay in touch with your customers, and maintain a direct, near-instantaneous relationship with them. You can contact your recipients at any time by sending a custom or bulk SMS message to announce promotions, flash sales, contests, reminders, and more.
Your SMS messages can be sent to more than 200 countries, at the best price for each destination.

The advantages of OVHcloud SMS solutions for marketing campaigns


More than 95% of SMS messages are received within 10 seconds, and more than 99% are received within 10 minutes.


With around 40 features in our dedicated API, you can complement your existing services with SMS messaging. In one click, you can confirm that an order has been processed, notify your customer when their package is delivered, authorise password access to a restricted zone, authenticate your customers, and much more. A PHP SDK has been developed to simplify the process of integrating the OVHcloud SMS solution into your environment.
Explore the OVHcloud API


Whether you want to send 1, 10 or 1000 SMS messages, we do not impose any limits on the number of messages sent, or the number of recipients.

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