SAP solutions

OVHcloud offers secure, automated infrastructures for hosting your SAP environments in a trusted cloud. Our solutions can be adapted to suit any company for a smooth, optimal experience.


Your SAP services in a trusted cloud

Corporate IT system transformation is evolving and modernising. Businesses can opt for private or secure hybrid architectures that meet regulations. Our services are designed with both SAP HANA solution integrators and companies in mind.

Why choose OVHcloud for your SAP environments?

Cost reduction

Migrating to the cloud lowers your infrastructure’s operational costs. Our prices are transparent, so you will not find any unexpected fees in your bills.

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Certifications and qualifications

We have extensive industry experience, and uphold a strong set of values. To reflect this, our solutions are supported by our partners’ certifications, and hosted on our automated, qualified infrastructures.

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A wide choice (dedicated/shared)

We offer a wide range of bare-metal dedicated servers and cloud infrastructures. Choose the right solution for your project, with the very best value for performance.

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Tailored support

With our skills centre, we support you in building your SAP project.

Use cases for SAP solutions hosted at OVHcloud

Custom analysis

Ask our experts for a custom analysis of your SAP project.

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Explore our resources

PDF factsheet

This downloadable format presents the available SAP solutions and our associated services.

Press release

The 16 September 2021 press release announcing the first SAP certifications by OVHcloud.

Need advice?

Your questions answered

What is SAP HANA?

SAP HANA (high-performance analytic appliance) is a relational in-memory database management system developed and marketed by SAP for its ERP offerings.

Who administers managed SAP solutions?

OVHcloud offers infrastructures, and our certified partners manage SAP HANA services. All details are available from our teams.

Will the solutions be certified outside France?

We are in the process of being certified in other locations, so that we can offer our expertise as a cloud provider on a European and global level.

Are SAP solutions available in the trusted zone?

The Hosted Private Cloud Premier solution is SecNumCloud qualified, and based on VMware. It can be used to host SAP environments in France. There are several solutions you can choose from in the trusted zone to host other types of workloads. If you would like more information on this, please feel free to get in touch.