Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP)

A cost-effective disaster recovery infrastructure

Implementing a disaster recovery plan (DRP) often involves investing in new hardware and infrastructure with little to no profitability — but you can avoid this by opting for the Hosted Private Cloud powered by Nutanix solution.

Quick, available and flexible

By building your DRP on a Hosted Private Cloud powered by Nutanix infrastructure, you can guarantee controlled, high-performance disaster recovery.

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Your DRP infrastructure available instantly

Hosted Private Cloud powered by Nutanix clusters are pre-installed by us, so you can focus on your applications.

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Step-by-step modernisation

Our scalable Nutanix packs are available straight away, so you can quickly get your high-performance hyperconverged infrastructure up-and-running without the hassle of complex provisioning management.

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Move your developments to the cloud, and free up your production

Easily segment your on-premises critical resources, and distribute your applications between the cloud and your existing sites.

Your resources are secure, and available 24/7. You can also guarantee total access confidentiality via VPN or OVHcloud Connect.

On-demand replication as needed

Depending on the solution you have chosen (the Nutanix Standard or Advanced pack), there are several levels of replication available: synchronous, asynchronous, or NearSync. This means you can adapt your DRP to suit your users’ needs, as well as the criticality of your workloads.

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Instant DRP activation and automation for all your applications

With Nutanix replication technologies, you can enable your DRP quickly without disrupting your production activity. Once your primary site is available again, you can re-enable replication and switch to the original site without a hitch.


Your DRP in the cloud

Your DRP is secure and resilient. It does not require you to purchase any hardware, or provision any resources in rooms that are already occupied.

Get a backup platform for a range of workloads

Although your production data is synced in the cloud, your platform should not remain inactive as a consequence. Get computing and storage resources for your development and test applications, or for production overruns.

This will give priority to your production immediately when your DRP is enabled. This way, you can ensure that your server’s resources are available. This will not affect your day-to-day on-premises production.