Big Data Managed Hadoop clusters

Accelerate your big data project while saving time and money, with the Managed Hadoop solution

Accelerate Your Big Data Project with Managed Hadoop

As machine learning and big data projects are critical for your organisation's growth, it's best to concentrate on what matters most, namely your business objectives, rather than the complexity of building and maintaining a technical infrastructure. Enjoy a fully-managed Hadoop Cloudera cluster for your projects, designed by OVHcloud and operated by our partner Claranet. Save time and money, while taking advantage of our cutting-edge ecosystem.


We have combined the power of the OVHcloud infrastructure with Claranet's expertise, to deliver the highest standard of service for Managed Hadoop, including high-level security and a round-the-clock, single-support counter.


Enjoy hands-on support for your Hadoop Cloudera clusters from leading experts, from assessment to data integration, monitoring and governance. This also includes guidance regarding machine learning and its execution.


Claranet maintains both the required resources and managed services with predictable and competitive pricing, without compromising on security, certifications or compliance. Thanks to open standards, full reversibility is guaranteed.

Get your big data project off to the best start, with a managed solution

Get direct access to the expert support you need.
Create the ideal data lake for your specific use case.
Intelligently and effectively scale your big data projects over time.
Trust that your data is hosted with the highest security standards and full compliance.

How it works


An assessment with Claranet's experts

Claranet's experts will help assess your maturity regarding big data, your data integration needs, and any other tools that will be required. Based on this they will define the most suitable solution for on your on-premises infrastructure, and existing Hosted Private Cloud or Public Cloud solutions at OVHcloud. Once agreed, the project can be launched, with Claranet taking care of the entire infrastructure deployment and its billing.

Step 2 OVHcloud

Get your clusters up and running

As soon as your project is launched, the first dedicated bare-metal servers will be deployed in OVHcloud datacentres, so your Hadoop Cloudera clusters will be up and running within a few hours. Data injection, configuration and monitoring can start straight away, as you start building towards the first business milestones, defined with Claranet. At the same time, your governance will be prepared.

Step 3 OVHcloud

Scale your production

Following your first successful steps, you'll be ready to scale up and implement new projects on top of your data lake, such as new analytics and machine learning projects. Since you're billed based on usage, there'll be no surprises in terms of costs as you do so, and no charges for incoming and outgoing traffic. You'll be able to interconnect with additional OVHcloud services. And as you do, you will be free to get your data back at anytime, thanks to the open standards and APIs utilised.

Our partner
Claranet OVHcloud

Founded in 1996, Claranet is a provider of managed services that specialises in network and application hosting. The Claranet group has 35 offices, and 37 datacentres. With 1,800 employees spread across eight countries, Claranet has become a major player for managed services in Brazil and Europe (360 million euros in revenue), and operates network and hosting solutions for more than 6,500 customers across a wide range of business sectors.

Key Features


Automate and orchestrate your infrastructure in minutes through an online control panel, a wide range of APIs, or the tools you already know and trust.


When you entrust OVHcloud with your data, we guarantee you will always be able to recover it via standard, easy-to-use protocols, such as SCP or rsync.


Since you enjoy access to OVHcloud's low-latency L2 private network, you can connect your Managed Hadoop cluster to any other OVHcloud services you need. From Public Cloud, to Hosted Private Cloud and bare-metal servers, anything is possible when it comes to data injection.

Data sovereignty

Your data is hosted in OVHcloud datacentres with a strict legal isolation from outside Europe, along with the highest security standards, including key certifications, such as HDS or PCI-DSS, depending on the industry. 

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What is Hadoop used for?

Apache Hadoop is the leading open-source software solution for resource-intensive machine learning and big data projects, enabling the largest, most complex data sets to be processed as efficiently as possible, using a parallel file system.

Hadoop’s versatility makes it suitable for a wide range of use cases involving large volumes of data, including data analysis to enhance security, generating financial forecasts, analysis of scientific data, IoT projects, preventative maintenance, and optimising business processes. Indeed, potential Hadoop case studies and solutions are just as diverse as big data itself.

While your Hadoop solution can be hosted on-premises or in the cloud, both of which have different advantages, hosting your cluster in the OVHcloud offers a wide range of benefits when it comes to speed, security and scalability. Once you have generated your data lake, with the support of Claranet’s experts, you are perfectly placed to manage and scale your project however best suits you, including connecting it to your other OVHcloud solutions, which opens up an incredible range of potential future projects. This way, following your introduction to big data and Hadoop, and a stress-free deployment process, your projects can evolve as your organisation does, in the most controlled, cost-effective way.

Why does big data Hadoop matter for your organisation?

With the rise of big data affecting more and more companies at all levels, across all industries, it’s more important than ever to approach it in the right way, with the right tools. Hadoop represents a proven, well-established solution, that allows you to get the most out of your data, while retaining your focus on your core business objectives.

However, while Hadoop is certainly an ideal answer the technical challenges of big data, its initial deployment often represents a different sort of challenge for growing organisations. Deploying the cluster, creating the data lake, and ensuring the scalability of the resulting architecture requires a considerable amount of specialist skill, which can often make it necessary to invest time and money on acquiring external expertise.

If you are curious about big data and Hadoop, but concerned about the time and expense involved in deploying a cluster, a managed solution from OVHcloud and Claranet is the answer. With the direct support of Claranet’s experts, you can deploy your own Hadoop cluster, fully optimised for your specific project, as efficiently as possible. You enjoy the full power of our own global infrastructure, while retaining control of your data at all time, with complete isolation and reversibility – the best of both worlds.