Dedicated Server for V Rising

How to create a V Rising dedicated server?

Become a heroic vampire in V Rising - the best-selling survival game from Stunlock Studios! Play alone or with friends as you battle beasts, hunt for blood and reclaim your vampire kingdom! For uninterrupted fun and a smoother gaming experience, host a V Rising dedicated server using our Game servers. Read this page to learn more!

Explore a mysterious open-world

V Rising is the ultimate gothic survival game! As a vampire, you awaken from a deep slumber and discover your kingdom has been lost. To reclaim your realm, you must use your supernatural powers to fight for survival in a world full of dark forests, wild landscapes, dungeons and villages. Gather resources, craft weapons, build castles and protect your empire from demons, humans and other vampires hellbent on stealing your crown!

Available on Windows, V Rising supports a variety of multiplayer options. Join an online game, create your own private session, or host a dedicated server for a more customised experience.

Why choose a Game server for V Rising?

Choose our Game dedicated servers to host multiplayer V Rising sessions with lush graphics, smooth gameplay and hours of uninterrupted fun! Take control with a customisable platform that allows you to add as many V Rising mods and plugins as you desire! Give your players the experience they deserve with enhanced security, a stable connection and reduced lag!

Benefits of a V Rising Dedicated Server

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Powerful Performance

Built on the latest AMD Ryzen Processors and water-cooling technology, our Game servers push clock speeds to the max and deliver a fantastic gaming experience!

High Availability

Our Game servers deliver unrivalled stability and low latency, handling traffic at a max speed of 1Gbit/s. You’ll also benefit from an SLA of 99.9%.

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Full Customisation

Use the Control Panel to manage and configure everything in one place – users, gameplay, mods, texture packs, plugins, memory and more!

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Global Datacentres

Choose from over 30 datacentres worldwide and benefit from reduced lag, uninterrupted gameplay and a more reliable experience.

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Storage Space

Backup your saved games and other essentials with 500GB NVMe SSD storage drives included as standard. Add extra to suit your needs!

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Trusted Security

Protect your traffic and ensure nothing interrupts the fun with robust Anti-DDoS Protection – included as standard with all Game servers.

Created for the entire community

Our Game dedicated servers are designed to meet the needs of everyone. Gamers benefit from fantastic multiplayer gameplay and can link their Discord, Twitch or TeamSpeak directly to our servers. Resellers can customise our dedicated servers and use them to deliver a high-quality experience for their community. Developers can also benefit from our solutions – let us handle the hosting, whilst you concentrate on creating games!

V Rising VPS Hosting

On a budget? Consider our VPS hosting solutions for V Rising. A simple alternative to dedicated servers, VPS hosting enables you to save money, but still benefit from great performance. VPS hosting is also super scalable, making it perfect for resellers looking to host multiple customers on virtual clusters. We provide a wide range of distributions, including Debian, Ubuntu and Windows Server.

Setup your V Rising Dedicated Server

  1. Check the system requirements

    To play V Rising, you’ll need a 64-bit operating system. This should be Windows 10, but you can also run it on Linux using ProtonDB. At a bare minimum, you’ll need 12 GB RAM memory and 7 GB available storage space. You should also have a decent NVIDIA or AMD graphics card, Intel or AMD quad core processors and a stable broadband connection of at least 100 MB/s.


  2. Choose a dedicated server

    We offer two types of dedicated server for gaming – Game-1 and Game-2. Each option has a different performance and storage configuration. We would recommend Game-1 for simple multiplayer gaming with your friends, and Game-2 for large gatherings, such as professional eSports events.

    Now that you’ve chosen a Game dedicated server, go ahead and choose an operating system - we provide Windows and Linux distributions. You’ll also need to select a datacentre close to your players to ensure the best performance. Once you’ve chosen all this, you can install and customise your server using the OVHcloud Control Panel.

  3. Connect your V Rising dedicated server

    Once your server is ready to go, you’ll need to connect it to V Rising. You’ll also need to download and install SteamCMD and run through the files and command lines. Then, launch the server and start playing V Rising on your dedicated server!

We provide 500 GB of storage as standard with all Game dedicated servers. However, we recommend adding more if you want to save and backup multiple V Rising games, mods and other game customisations.

Your V Rising dedicated server comes pre-loaded with public IPv4 and IPv6 addresses. You can order more IP addresses if you want to appear on the list of V Rising dedicated servers (max 256 per machine). With additional IPs, you can set up a quick switchover system from one machine to another in case of overload. These IPs can also be based in other countries to ensure your V Rising games run smoothly for all players – wherever they’re based in the world.

For further support, learn how to get started with a dedicated server. For the absolute best V Rising dedicated server experience, we also provide 24/7 support as standard.


How do I change my server settings?

All OVHcloud dedicated servers offer full root access – making them highly customisable. You can configure your V Rising server using the OVHcloud Control Panel, which is included as standard, or add a commercial control panel, such as cPanel or Plesk, to your order at checkout.

What is DDoS protection?

Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attacks are designed to overwhelm your server with fake traffic. Such attacks can disrupt single and multiplayer V Rising gaming sessions and eSports events. To prevent DDoS attacks, our dedicated servers are equipped with Anti-DDoS Protection as standard, which uses a blend of hardware, firewalls, backbone and datacentre expertise to mitigate DDoS attacks up to 1.3 Tbit/s in size.

What is a backup and how do I create one?

A backup protects your saved V Rising games from accidental loss, deletion or malicious activities. We recommend creating regular backups to protect your V Rising game progress. Simply navigate to the server menu and select ‘Backup’ or use a mod that can create backups automatically. If you need help, remember that Standard Support is included with all our Game dedicated servers.