Dedicated server Game-1


New processor

Up to 26% more performance than the previous generation with AMD Ryzen 3000 series processor*.

This server benefits from the latest technological advances from AMD with the Ryzen 5 5600X*. Combined with the speed of NVMe SSD storage, it guarantees your players the best possible gaming conditions.

With our water-cooling technology, this configuration takes full advantage of the capabilities of its components. This allows you to host multiple games simultaneously and without compromising performance,thanks to the 6 core processor. Result: a seamless, uninterrupted gaming experience.

Keep latency to a minimum during gaming sessions, by deploying your servers in the datacentres closest to your gamers.

  • Ryzen 5 5600X - 6 cores (3.7GHz)
  • Exclusive Anti-DDoS Game protection
  • Unlimited traffic
Cpu : AMD Ryzen 5 5600X - 6 cores
Memory : From 32 GB to 64 GB DDR4 ECC
Storage :
Bandwidth : 250 Mbps unmetered (burst 1 Gbps)
Vrack : No private bandwidth
Price :

Use cases