Terraria Server

How to create a Terraria dedicated server

Released in May 2011, Terraria is an action-adventure sandbox game that challenges players to explore, build, craft, paint, and have combat with its many enemies and bosses. This unique gaming experience will have you playing for hours, blending classic action game features with the freedom of a sandbox experience. Want to have tense one on one battles with difficult bosses? Or build and craft your surroundings for a more elaborate world? You might spend your time exploring Terraria’s many secrets and hidden spots? Terraria has something for everyone, and with a Terraria game server you get all this in style. Enjoy the ultimate lag-free experience whether you’re playing solo, with friends, or hosting the game for other groups as a reseller.

Terraria: the classic action-adventure quest!

Get lost in Terraria’s unbeatable sense of progression. Start your adventure in a procedurally generated environment, then quickly begin to penetrate the games many different levels. Utilise new equipment and resources to forge ahead in a land of mystery. But don’t get too lost in the adventure, the games amazing fighting system challenges you to fight for survival, fortune, and glory! Seek out foes and delve into cavernous expanses in the game which players can’t stop playing.

Why set up a Terraria server?

A dedicated Terraria game server takes your Terraria adventure to a new level of gameplay. By hosting your own Terraria server, you gain control over the start and end of each game you host. This prevents other players racing ahead of you even when you’re not logged in.

Additionally, by setting up an OVHcloud Game Server, you can combine several mods to create your own gaming universe. Adding mods to your server as a gamer is simple and means that your experience will be more individualized for you and your friends. If you don't operate your own server, you won't be able to make the desired changes or add the desired modules.

One of the advantages of managing a customizable Terraria server is that you have the freedom to play however you want. You decide on the game's parameters, including the number of players and setting the games pace. Since you control your server, you have authority to ban any players who violate your rules.

OVHcloud Game dedicated servers offer cloud-based Terraria multi-player server hosting. You get optimal power and performance for a range of use cases without the hassle of on-prem server delivery. We take care of the server hardware, server assembly, and on-site maintenance, while you enjoy the ultimate gaming experience.

What are the advantages of a Terraria dedicated server?

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Unlimited customisation

You can quickly configure your Terraria multi-player server to meet your online gaming needs. Utilise versatile virtual servers to host a happy player community by adding your own modifications, customizing the settings to match your chosen gameplay style, and adding your favourite mods.

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Unbeatable performance

Our dedicated OVHcloud Game servers include next-generation AMD Ryzen processors, based on Zen 3 architecture. As a result, you gain incredible stability. Additionally, our energy-efficient water-cooling technology prevents overheating of your servers even in the most resource intensive use cases.

Optimal availability

Our game servers provide up to 1Gbit/s bandwidth so you can give yourself and your community the best lag-free gaming experience possible. OVHcloud datacentres are highly redundant and distributed worldwide so you’re able to minimise latency by choosing a server closest to your players. They also have a 99.90% SLA, to help guarantee zero downtime. Our on-site datacentre personnel are available around-the-clock to handle maintenance and incident response.

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Anti-DDoS protection

No matter how widespread a DDoS attack is, your services will be protected round-the-clock without additional charges. Anti-DDoS protection is enabled as standard at no additional charge. Based on VAC technology, which filters incoming traffic so that only valid traffic can reach your server, our anti-DDoS defence keeps out DDoS attacks. We have successfully defended against DDoS attacks up to 1.3Tbit/s in size.

Designed for every gaming use case

No matter how you decide to use your Terraria dedicated server, you’ll find the right model for your needs. OVHcloud Game servers are designed for a variety of gaming industry standards and requirements.

Resellers: Configure your game servers using our dedicated solutions. Looking to create Terraria VPS solutions to resell to your own customers? Our dedicated servers provide the perfect hardware platform for this use case.

Players and developers: Play or design your game without worrying about hosting it. Choose from our extensive range of configuration and hardware options. Protect both yourself and your players from DDoS attacks.

Streamers and communities: Share the ultimate gaming experience with a Terraria multi-player server and configure streaming apps like Twitch to deliver Terraria entertainment to your fans. You can also install Mumble or TeamSpeak to take your community to the next level.

How to set up a Terraria dedicated server

  1. Choose and setup your Game server

    The server model we would recommend is completely dependent on how you intend to use your Game server — i.e., whether it works in a cluster, or as a standalone machine. For larger gaming events we recommend using Game-1 and 2 servers.

    If you are a hosting provider and want to create several virtual private servers (VPS) on your dedicated servers, opt for the Game-2 range. Virtualising environments requires a high volume of resources.

    The following minimal configuration for each VM you create on your dedicated Terraria server is advised:
    •    3 GB RAM
    •    Minimum disk space of 40 GB
    •    Dual core running at or above 2.0 GHz or higher
    •    100 MB/s is the recommended speed for a dependable internet connection.
    Please keep in mind that these only apply to a small group of players. Higher performance OVHcloud Game server hosting solutions allow you to host more players for a more advanced gaming experience.

    Once you have chosen the type of Gaming server, you can launch its installation from the OVHcloud Control Panel. First, select your operating system (Dedicated server Windows, Dedicated Server Ubuntu or Dedicated Server Linux). You can then log in and configure it to suit your needs, and the specifics of your infrastructure. To help you with this, please refer to our dedicated server documentation.

  2. Configure your Terraria server

    Follow the recommended steps below to prepare your custom Terraria server:
    •    You can configure it directly from the Steam Workshop.
    •    Install the server files via SteamCMD.
    •    Enter your command lines, admin credentials, and passwords.
    •    Ensure that UDP ports 1200, UDP ports 27000 to 27020 and TCP ports 27030 to 27039 are open.
    •    Launch your server for the first time, then reboot it (recommended step).
    •    Your server is now ready to use.

    Though the server comes with a lot of storage (500 GB), we suggest adding more space for backups.

    Each server has a range of IPv6 addresses in addition to a public IPv4 address. More can be ordered (up to 256 per machine). They make it possible for you to appear on the list of Terraria servers.