Optional with Enterprise servers

Additional options


Additional IP

As part of our Additional IP solution, additional IPv4 addresses can be transferred between OVHcloud servers (as a failover feature). This means you can keep them if you change or migrate your machine, use them to switch traffic if a service goes down, or switch projects from a development environment to a production environment. These IP addresses can also be geolocated in 14 countries.

Additional private bandwidth

OVHcloud dedicated servers come with access to our private physical network, the vRack. By selecting an additional bandwidth option, you increase the data transfer rate between your servers across all our datacentres. The vRack private network is compatible with other OVHcloud solutions, such as dedicated servers, Private Cloud and Public Cloud.

Additional, guaranteed public bandwidth

Our dedicated servers have a default public bandwidth. Depending on your project’s resource requirements, you can choose an additional guaranteed bandwidth option. This ensures you maintain constant throughput for ingress and egress traffic.

Additional backup storage

Each of our dedicated servers has a 500GB backup space for storing your data and configuration files. This space can be increased to 1, 5 or 10TB for larger volumes.