Hyperconvergence, économies et écologie

Eco-friendly and budget-friendly hyperconvergence

The need for agility, speed and eco-friendly technology is constantly increasing, but IT budgets are not. With the Nutanix hyperconverged solution at OVHcloud, you can reach your goals while staying within your budget.

A simple solution to meet budgetary and green-technology requirements

Get a dedicated, secure platform, and a centralised management and control interface for your hardware and application resources. You get full control and visibility.

Premium pre-installed servers

Supported by OVHcloud High Grade servers, the Hosted Private Cloud powered by Nutanix solution is pre-installed — so you just need to manage your data and resource allocation. You can also apply updates as and when you need them.

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Focus on your applications, not your hardware

By removing the need to manage server provisioning, installation and maintenance, you can focus on your applications. This way, you can increase your agility and and save time.

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All the information you need, in one place

By simplifying hardware layers and centralising the management for your network, compute, and storage resources, you can save time on admin and maintenance.

With centralised reporting, you get a detailed overview of your infrastructure at a glance.

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Hardware footprint and reduced CO₂ emissions

One of our long-term commitments has been to reduce electricity usage and CO₂ emissions.

Nutanix hyperconvergence technology has now joined our other environmental initiatives — water-cooled servers and prioritisation of renewable energy. This means you get optimised hardware resources with minimal impact on the environment.


Limit waste

A standard silo infrastructure uses too much energy, lacks flexibility, and often proves to be too costly.

Simplify IT management and supervision

Hyperconvergence offers a single interface to manage your applications’ resources, and monitor their functioning.

Achieve your carbon objectives

Hyperconvergence by Nutanix improves your agility by consolidating your infrastructure. Using fewer racks means that less energy is used. For the past 20 years, OVHcloud has been committed to reducing energy consumption, and using renewable energy sources with a Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) score of less than 1.3.