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What is a sandbox environment ?

The modern digital landscape is evolving faster than ever before, which makes it essential that the move from concept to production is as smooth and fast as possible. This means that a dedicated environment for testing and development is vital for growing organisations, regardless of the nature of their digital products and solutions. But what is the most effective way of implementing such an environment, without it becoming prohibitively expensive and time-consuming to maintain? A VPS sandbox provides the answer…

A sandbox is any isolated digital environment, designed for the development and testing of new products and solutions. Crucially, this environment – whether it is based on physical or virtual servers – is completely isolated from the rest of an infrastructure, allowing for complete flexibility during the development of a new product, without any risk to a business’ core infrastructure, or its sensitive customer data.

Why consider virtual private servers for your sandbox environment ?

When bringing any new product or solution to life, there are three key elements to consider: agility, security, and cost control. Utilising a VPS server to host your sandbox environment delivers all three. You enjoy the isolation and dedicated resources of a bare-metal server, combined with the value and flexibility of the cloud. This makes it an ideal choice for organisations ranging from ambitious start-ups to those ready to take their first steps onto the global stage.

#1 Consider your short- and long-term requirements when evaluating hosting plans

One of the key advantages of a virtual private server is that you only pay for the exact resources you need for your multisite. This is in contrast to bare metal, where you pay for the entirety of the server’s resources, regardless of what you actually use. When planning your multisite, be sure to consider your exact requirements in terms of disk space, storage, etc., as this will help you make effective use of your available budget and retain full control of your costs.

Our recommendations

VPS Starter

€3.50 ex. VAT/month

1 vCore

2 GB


100 Mbps unmetered*

#2 Where should your virtual private server be hosted?

It’s important to remember that location is an important part of maximising a website’s performance and minimising load time, regardless of whether it is hosted with a physical or virtualised solution. Ideally, your multisite should be hosted as close as possible to where you and your customers are based, in order to achieve the highest possible availability. Furthermore, consider how you plan to grow in the future, and which countries you plan on expanding into. Can your chosen hosting provider offer a choice of datacentres in which to host your VPS, as well as solutions for securely interconnecting multiple datacentres in different counties, if required later ?

#3 What additional tools will you require to manage your multisite?

One of the key factors in the enduring popularity of WordPress multisite is the number of plug-and-play tools it comes with straight out of the box, and the number of professional-quality plug-ins available for it. The OVHcloud VPS range builds on this approach, offering a wide range of pre-installed tools and operating systems, which can be launched in just one click. Consider then, what tool you would prefer to use as your admin panel (cPanel hosting, Joomla, Plesk, or the standard WordPress dashboard, to name a few), and what you will require in terms of content management, blogging, search engine optimisation, and data analytics. You may have a selection of preferred tools you would like to continue using, but if you are in any doubt, consult your hosting provider regarding the available options.