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A complete portfolio of services to leverage your data

In addition to our multiple storage solutions and our Public Cloud instance catalogue, OVH offers a portfolio of services that make it easy and secure for you to take advantage of data. From data ingestion to data handling, we have built clear solutions that allow you to control your costs and get started quickly.

In a world where data management has become critical and sensitive, more and more customers trust OVH for our values: we promote reversibility, transparency and open source, and as a European company, we are subject to European legislation.

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OVH values the freedom and sovereignty of your personal data. You can retrieve your data at any time, using standard protocols.


As the cloud provider responsible for hosting your personal data, our commitment is to respect data confidentiality.


Depending on the solution you choose, our service level commitment may vary. Please note that no matter the SLA, OVH does everything possible to guarantee the replication of your data and anticipate hardware malfunctions.