Tech providers with multiple customers

Le support OVH, l'engagement auprès de nos clients

AI startups use OVHcloud AI Training to gain agility and enforce data governance for their clients

ML training platform for multiple clients

AI technology creates incredible opportunities for startups to deliver incredible value to large companies by reducing time-to-market, enhancing reproducibility and transferring technological knowledge to their customers. OVHcloud AI Training, allows you to manage your customer access rights, thus guaranteeing end-to-end governance and privacy of their data from a single environment and platform. This is thanks to independent compute and storage. In addition, this solution running on OVHcloud's best-in-class GPU, allows customers to scale as they grow. 

Let's say you're an AI startup developing a predictive maintenance solution to extend equipment life-span and increase customer satisfaction. Whether you use image, text or sound to train your model, the pay-as-you-go solution greatly accelerates time-to-market and helps you control the costs.

Why choose OVHcloud AI Training?

The solution offers your startup a single platform to perform all your training. More specifically, it provides an efficient, cost-effective, and fast means for labeling images, or other event data, which will eventually serve features in predictive maintenance models. OVHcloud AI Training enables the processing of high volume training and inference data required to train and make inferences for predictive maintenance models. 

The solution greatly accelerates your time to market: 

  • Relying on OVHcloud's GPU-as-a-service, you can parallelize jobs and thus drastically reduce the time needed to perform your training;
  • It will allow data labelling by computing the uncertainty of the unlabeled data as the model is trained; 
  • Use the same platform from PoC to production and accelerate your journey.

OVHcloud's solution offers full independence of compute and storage; allowing users to manage access rights for each customer - from storage to training. This guarantees end-to-end data governance and privacy for your corporate customers.

Benefit 1: Accelerate your time to market with a one-stop-shop solution

Manage all your training from one environment and platform, combining training-as-a-service with GPU-as-a service.

Benefit 2: Control your costs while clients scale as they grow

Improve productivity with job parallelization and cost-effective AI training tools and services.

Benefit 3: Guarantee end-to-end governance and privacy

Simplified management of access rights guarantees your corporate customers end-to-end data governance.