Managed Bare Metal Essentials

Deploy your virtual infrastructure, optimised and managed by OVHcloud

Setting up and maintaining your own virtual infrastructure is both a complex and resource-intensive job. Through our partnership with VMware, we offer a fully-managed virtualisation solution, based on dedicated servers. Focus on your added value, without having to worry about managing your physical infrastructure.

  • VMware virtualisation at the best price
  • A ready-to-use virtual infrastructure
  • The resilience and reliability of the OVHcloud network
  • Unlimited public and private bandwidth, each with 3Gbit/s
Managed baremetal
Highly available infrastructure OVhcloud

A new generation of Bare Metal servers

Our Essentials packs are fully operated by OVHcloud. You get 24/7 automation, orchestration and management for your servers with vSphere virtualisation, while retaining your independence and control of your infrastructures. This solution is different to Bare Metal dedicated servers, which are fully managed by the user.

The best of virtualisation

Simplify how you manage your infrastructure with vSphere, the VMware virtualisation platform. From this interface, you can deploy, move, size and back up your virtual machines to suit your needs, projects or workloads. Most virtualised platforms work with VMware. We have set up a service offering the same tools you are used to, so you don't need any new skills to start working. We take care of the automated deployment, updates and optimal configuration — leaving you to focus on your business.

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A scalable concept

The Managed Bare Metal Essentials solution is fully-dedicated to your usage, and is based on a redundant infrastructure. Resources can be added or removed depending on the workload. Customers can add or delete hosts and datastores directly from the OVHcloud Control Panel.


Cost control

Each pack from the Essentials range includes servers, storage, network and VMware virtualisation licences. The platform is managed by OVHcloud teams, so you can reduce your costs for all IT operations (configuration, supervision and maintenance).

All Essentials packs include:

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VMware Enterprise Plus v6.7

VMware vCenter Access Interface (HTML5)


Hot migration of VMs without service interruption

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vSphere High Availability (HA)

Automatic reboots in the event of hardware failure

DRS (Dynamic Resource Scheduling)

Automatic management of resource usage to avoid overload

Fault Tolerance

Anticipate service interruptions by automatically moving a virtual machine to a passive host in the event of a host failure

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vROps (vRealize Operations)

Continuous optimisation of infrastructure performance, management and capacity planning

Want to know more?

Explore the technical features of our Managed Bare Metal Essentials range, powered by VMware®.

You can request a free callback from an OVHcloud advisor.

Your questions answered

What is server virtualisation?

With the help of software, you can transform a physical machine into a virtual environment — for cloud computing, for example. One of the advantages of a virtualisation solution is that you combine physical machines to aggregate their resources: processors (CPU), RAM (RAM), and different types of storage within a virtual machine (virtual server). These hardware resources virtualised from multiple machines can be distributed very easily — for example, you can allocate all of the computing power to a specific workload.

What is the vSphere hypervisor?

The vSphere hypervisor is based on ESXi, VMware software that can be installed on a physical server. It is a Bare Metal hypervisor that you can use to manage infrastructure virtualisation, simplify administration, and allocate server resources. VMware ESXi acts as the host operating system and virtualisation software.

What does type 1 hypervisor mean?

There are two types of hypervisors, installed at the base of the server or as software installed on the machine’s operating system. The type 1 hypervisor corresponds to the virtualisation system directly installed on the machine, i.e. on bare physical hardware, without a host operating system (OS).

Why choose dedicated server virtualisation?

Virtualising your dedicated server can offer many advantages. It increases your infrastructure’s flexibility and agility, simplifies the way you manage it, and optimises your resource usage. You can easily deploy virtual machines, then allocate and distribute resources to fit your needs and workloads. Virtualisation solutions help you get the most out of your physical servers, by managing budget and provisioning. They have strategic and business-critical applications — delivering scalable, cost-effective virtual environments. Virtualisation software can also generate remote virtual desktops, PCs, virtual machines, and more.

What is a remotely-managed dedicated server?

Maintaining a dedicated server requires administrative knowledge. By opting for a remotely-managed dedicated server, you do not need to worry about configuring, optimising and maintaining your hardware infrastructure. All of these operations are managed by the service provider, who is responsible for hosting the server within a datacentre.

How are the Managed Bare Metal Essentials packs different from a remotely-managed dedicated server?

A remotely-managed dedicated server is a physical server that is managed and maintained by the provider. Our Managed Bare Metal Essentials solution offers more than a remotely-managed dedicated server, as it delivers virtualised architectures on private infrastructures, in a single solution. This means you can harness the power of bare metal, and focus on your core business. We take care of the rest.

Bare Metal or Managed Bare Metal Essentials: which solution to choose?

If you have experience with server management and want full server administration, then the Bare Metal solution is perfect for you. These are dedicated servers with no software overlay, and you can configure them to suit your needs. If you are looking for the performance of a bare-metal server without the management and staffing required to run the server infrastructure properly, our Managed Bare Metal Essentials solutions are the best option. OVHcloud carries out the maintenance, monitoring and all server management tasks. The hardware resources are 100% dedicated to the user, and the number of servers can be increased for further scalability. Want to get started with our Essentials solution? You can browse our Managed Bare Metal guides.