Financial Data Hosting for PCI DSS Certification

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Financial Data Hosting for PCI DSS Certification

Whatever industry you operate in, if you accept credit card payments, you must be fully compliant with PCI Security Council standards. For this reason, OVHcloud has implemented the most advanced security measures in the industry, in order to guarantee the highest level of safety for your payment infrastructures. You can host your solutions at any of our PCI DSS-certified datacentres, then deploy a secure, highly-available cloud infrastructure for your online payment workflows. This way, you offer your customers peace of mind, as they can trust that their financial data is completely safe at all times.


Get a technical cloud platform, compliant with the PCI DSS 3.2 standard for payment service providers (PSP) Level 1. With more than 275 compliance and audited requirements, OVHcloud's infrastructure satisfies the most demanding standards for credit card-based payment solutions.


Get the most out of your Hosted Private Cloud infrastructure with support with the PCI DSS certification process. 


Choose your configuration, with our SDDC Hosted Private Cloud packs, with the addition of features designed to meet all PCI DSS requirements, for access control, traceability and data protection, including specific hardware destruction for data storage.

Start building your secure payment infrastructure now

PCI DSS-certified cloud services, with the highest security standards.
Maximum flexibility and the best price/performance ratio, providing the freedom to grow.
Extended access control and unique traceability features.
Dedicated features to secure your payment solution against fraud.

How it works


Start your certification process

PCI DSS compliance applies to every area of a payment solution, and is achieved through the OVHcloud SDDC Hosted Private Cloud infrastructure. All roles and responsibilities regarding compliance are clearly defined in a requirement matrix. Specifically, OVHcloud commits to the operational requirements of the PCI DSS standard for all hardware and software elements of the configurations. Your certification process is then clearly defined and facilitated, based on the nature of your payment solution.

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Deploy your OVHcloud Hosted Private Cloud solution

Activate your SDDC Hosted Private Cloud solution for PCI DSS, and start using it right away, thanks to vSphere virtualisation from VMware. Once your payment application is rolled out in the cloud, you are free to scale as you see fit, with multiple options for network, compute and storage. Then, as you evolve, replication and high availability across different regions will enable larger-scale deployments.

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Prevent fraud and keep your solution updated

Fraud involving payment card data is highly common. As a result, organisations that handle IT payment systems have very specific requirements in terms of security, reporting and monitoring. In light of this, your Hosted Private Cloud offers an extensive set of features to track and monitor fraudulent access or critical actions in real-time. Make sure your customers' financial data is always 100% secure.

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Key Features


Manage your access control list (ACL), to maintain complete control and visibility of who has access to your infrastructure, with automated session time-outs for an additional layer of security.


Utilise a range of advanced monitoring features, with an SMS- or token-based validation processes for critical actions, along with detailed traffic analysis and tracking of fraudulent actions.


Benefit from comprehensive daily reporting for critical access and actions on your infrastructure, with detailed user and administrator list management.


Get a specific traceability process for your entire infrastructure, with an end-of-life hardware destruction process.

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