Managed Bare Metal Essentials

Deploy your web projects quickly and easily on a managed virtual infrastructure

With a managed virtual infrastructure, you can easily modernise your architecture for increased scalability. Plus, it makes your IT resources more flexible to manage.

Managed baremetal

The advantages of an OVHcloud-managed infrastructure

Your teams can stay focused on your business
Opting for a consolidated, optimised and redundant infrastructure with hosts, storage and network included means your teams don’t have to worry about hardware and software management. This way, your developers can focus on the projects that bring your business to life.
Simplified infrastructure management
Trust OVHcloud’s expertise to manage your infrastructure. Our teams carry out automation, orchestration, hardware management and security updates on a daily basis.
Scalability and flexibility
Enjoy scalability and flexibility of your servers on demand. You can easily scale your resources up or down to suit your needs in just a few minutes. Hourly billing is transparent, so you can manage your budget.
Real-time resource management
Control your workloads by visualising and orchestrating your virtual machines (VMs) directly. You can modulate your VM resources according to your projects and uses: virtual processor (vCPU), virtual memory (RAM) and virtual disk space.

Managed Bare Metal Essentials: uncompromised availability, flexibility and security

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Very high-speed connectivity

Enjoy both public and private bandwidth with a speed of 3Gbit/s. You can also transfer data within your infrastructure via your private network, so you can offer your content to your users and customers via the public network, or the internet. Both incoming and outgoing traffic are unlimited, and included.

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Powerful distributed storage

Your private infrastructure is made up of two physical servers, located in separate server racks. These dedicated machines have physical access to your data. They also have two separate power sources. In the event of failure, the second server automatically takes over from the first. This operation happens completely seamlessly for your users.

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Improved service availability

No matter what you need and how complex your environment is, virtualisation simplifies your processes and tasks. You get features like live migration, workload balancing, and advanced monitoring. All of this is directly integrated into your infrastructure, managed by OVHcloud.
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A trusted solution, compliant with the very highest security standards

Each Managed Bare Metal Essentials infrastructure is available in our network of datacentres across the globe. They all hold ISO 27001, ISO 27017, ISO 27018, ISO 27701 and SOC I and II type 2 certifications. The way your data is stored and processed is guaranteed to comply with local legislations according to the location you choose.

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How do I manage my service?

The VMware vSphere Enterprise Plus licence is integrated into all of our packs. This means you can manage your virtualised platforms however you like, via vSphere. We take care of the configuration and software updates.

What is the Essentials range?

The Essentials range combines the Managed Bare Metal solution with the VMware vSphere Enterprise Plus virtualisation licence. This means you get a high-performance infrastructure managed by OVHcloud, so you can focus on your business applications securely.