Open Innovation: a collaborative cornerstone of our open cloud

Access to Innovations

Ensuring software independence through open source

OVHcloud has always been committed to protecting individual freedoms.
In terms of software, this commitment is reflected in our strong involvement with open-source communities, allowing us to:
•   accelerate our developments to meet your evolving needs
•   ensure transparency, reversibility and interoperability of our cloud solutions, thus avoiding technological vendor lock-in
•   provide less expensive and more flexible solutions

We have therefore always practised open and collaborative development. This allows our ecosystem to access the source code of software solutions or components, which we regularly push on GitHub. We also make many of our projects accessible to open-source communities. Our active involvement with these communities assures our users that our development projects are never subject to lobbying issues. Instead, these projects are guided by independent contributors or board members of various foundations committed to open source. Whether the technologies used by our customers are based on a market standard or open-source software, we guarantee data sovereignty.

Uma filosofia open source diferente

The heart of our industrial model


In 20 years of industrial innovation, we have pursued two objectives: remain at the forefront of solution performance, while optimising our resource consumption.

We’ve always wanted to design better-performing, cost-effective and eco-efficient industrial solutions, so that we can integrate them into our datacentres. Because to create value on the cloud solutions we offer, we need to create value for our business needs. We are continuously optimising our power distribution and cooling systems.

We have also integrated our industrial innovations into an open, collaborative approach based on open hardware, with the aim of openly standardising our datacentres, and improving their overall energy efficiency. Finally, as part of our Product Hacking initiative, we have also been designing our servers’ hardware architecture since 2001 by selecting or developing our own components. Thanks to this in-house design, we are constantly optimising the price-performance ratio for our cloud solutions.

A powerful ecosystem

Our cloud is based on solid internal expertise, which we use to both run industrial innovations, and develop and automate technological innovations.

We also draw on the expertise of our powerful ecosystem made up of partners from our various programmes (OVHcloud Partner Programme, Open Trusted Cloud and OVHcloud Startup Programme), as well as our Marketplace vendors. With our trusted cloud, they bring their own added value: technological building blocks, packaged solutions, advice and support - all to help meet your needs even better.

Programme d'accompagnement

Our products

All of our cloud products and solutions are part of this trusted cloud approach: