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How do I create a private Conan Exiles server?

Are you a fan of Conan the Barbarian? Launch a private server and immerse yourself in your favourite universe! Customise how you play, set your rules and create your gameplay with your friends.

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Why create a Conan Exiles dedicated server?

A unique universe

Released in 2017 on Microsoft Windows, Xbox One and PS4, Conan Exiles lets you play a prisoner of war saved by Conan himself. You live in a ravaged and hostile land: the Land of Exiles. A wide range of crafting options is possible: shelters, clothing, weapons and armour. Manage hunger, thirst, attacks from local wildlife and other players with the help of your serfs. You can recruit non-playable characters (NPCs) and get them to work for you. Online, you have to choose between cooperation and competition between players to survive.

Play how you like

There are several types of servers that you can join or create to play online. Conan Exiles allows PvE and PvP modes. You can then choose the purpose of the server: classic mode, roleplay (RP), sandbox to test constructions, or even maximum difficulty. A detailed menu allows you to perform a targeted search of the type of server you want to join. But the advantage of creating your own server is the ability to customise the rules, access management and choice of game mode.

Best performance

A private server improves your game quality. You are less at risk of downtime and bugs than hosting a game on your personal computer.

This is even more important if you are playing with a large number of players on the same server (70 maximum). Also, if you host the game on your computer, other players cannot connect to it if you are offline. But with a remote private server, this is not a problem.

Your personal computer is also less protected against external attacks. OVHcloud offers anti-DDoS Game protection. The increased bandwidth boosts the stability of your connection, improving your in-game experience. That’s why we recommend our Game VPS range.

What are the advantages of hosting my Conan Exiles server on a Gaming VPS?

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Unlimited customisation

Our VPS solutions are designed to help you unleash your creativity. First, select your operating system (Windows or Linux). You can then set up your machine’s configuration, rules and style: PvE, PvP, sandbox, modded server, roleplay, beginner mode...whatever you choose, you get a personalised environment where you can have fun with friends.

Performance adapted to your budget

Our virtual private servers have optimised resources (CPU, RAM, disk space, bandwidth) to achieve the best gaming quality. We also offer a range of prices to suit your budget. Need more resources to deal with an influx of players? Increase them at any time from your OVHcloud Control Panel. If needed, you can also migrate to a higher solution in just a few clicks.

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Constantly available

Need more stability for your Conan Exiles server? Hosted in our own datacentres, your VPS will have minimal latency and excellent availability guaranteed by a service level agreement (SLA). Plus, its bandwidth of between 250 Mbit/s and 2 Gbit/s promises you an excellent connection.

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A unique gaming experience

Our anti-DDoS protection is included with all of our solutions. It protects you from denial-of-service attacks during your games. Our VPS solutions also include NVMe SSDs, which offer fast response times and higher computing power for a smooth in-game experience. You can even host a TeamSpeak, Mumble or Discord server on it.

What are the steps for creating a Conan Exiles private server?

Here is the minimum configuration required for your server:

  • 2 virtual processors (vCores)
  • 8 GB of RAM
  • 500 Mbps bandwidth
  • 50 GB disk space

Conan Exiles is resource-intensive and requires the right configuration to avoid game crashes and slowdowns. The above criteria are suitable for 10 to 35 players. If your group is larger, we recommend choosing a higher plan. A bandwidth of 500 Mbps is enough to keep ping (in-game latency) low, regardless of the number of people. With 50 GB of storage space, you can host your data and create and store backups securely.

In short, we recommend our Comfort offer as a minimum. If you would like to use your server at full capacity (70 players), you will need to allow for more resources. In this case, the Elite offer is more suitable.

Once you have chosen your solution, you can start installing your server. Start by choosing your operating system. Windows Server is recommended by game publishers. If you need help with this, please refer to our VPS documentation.

Then follow these step-by-step instructions:

  • Make sure you have Conan Exiles on Steam, as well as the game files.
  • Download and launch SteamCMD.
  • Create a directory in which to place the game files. There are online tutorials to show you how to do this.
  • enter the following command line: “steamcmd + login anonymous +force_install_dir C:\Exiles +app_update 443030 +quit”.
  • Check that the Steam client is not open at launch. If it is, an error message will appear.
  • Ensure that TCP and UDP ports 27015 and 7777 are open.
  • Set your server’s features (name, password, administrator, etc.).
  • You’re all set! Play with your friends on your new Conan Exiles VPS!

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