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  • Excellent value for money
  • Scalable resources to suit your needs
  • A dedicated environment with Windows
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High performance at unbeatable prices

Our Windows virtual private servers have been optimised by our experts right from the design phase — and they offer excellent performance at an unbeatable price. You are the admin of your own server, and get the flexibility of a VPS as well as a resilient structure.

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A scalable server

Our Windows VPS solutions are designed to meet a wide range of business needs, and will scale up to suit your projects. There is no need to provision resources in advance — you can add them at any time via the OVHcloud Control Panel. This also helps you control your budget.

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A dedicated environment

Since you are the administrator of your server, you are free to configure your dedicated environment however you like. With this flexibility, you can easily set up a Windows virtual server to host a website or email service, for example. With our VPS solutions, you get a server environment that is specially adapted to your web projects.

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Simplicity and independence

One of the advantages of our virtual private servers is the autonomy they offer. You are free to install and configure the operating system you need, and pick one from a wide range. To further simplify how you set up your web projects, you can also install a web hosting control panel like Plesk, or cPanel.

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Unlimited traffic

Your Windows VPS has unlimited ingress and egress traffic*. Depending on the model you choose, it can also reach up to 2 Gbit/s allocated bandwidth. These specifications are perfect for hosting websites and applications with high volumes of traffic, guaranteeing a smooth browsing experience for your users.

*Excludes datacentres in the Asia-Pacific region.

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Backup options

We offer automated backup options for your server. Via the OVHcloud Control Panel, you can secure your data by storing backups in an external storage space, or creating a snapshot of your VPS at a specific time.


Service availability is an important factor, especially for websites and applications that are used every day by your users. Your VPS is set up on an infrastructure with minimal latency, and hardware availability guaranteed by an SLA. This way, you can rest assured that your solutions are based on a stable, robust environment.


Why choose an OVHcloud VPS?

Our VPS range is specially designed to be as comprehensive as possible. Need more power or storage space for growing business requirements? Simply go to the OVHcloud Control Panel and add the resources you need to your server, without having to provision them in advance. In short, we take care of your machine’s hardware and availability — leaving you to focus fully on your core business. 

You can choose from a wide range of operating systems, including Windows Server, Debian, CentOS, and Ubuntu — and you can also choose between Plesk and cPanel for web hosting control panels. We take data security very seriously, so we offer backup options on a dedicated storage space. Our solution is available in different datacentres across the globe, so you can order a virtual private server as close as possible to where your users are based.

What is a Windows virtual server?

A VPS, short for virtual private server, is a virtual machine you can use as an environment dedicated to your web projects. It is scaled to offer the resources you need, making it much more affordable than a dedicated server, but offering you full control over its administration and configuration. 

Our Windows VPS servers are delivered with a pre-installed Windows operating system. However, you can still opt for another operating system, like Linux.

What are the differences between a VPS and shared hosting?

A VPS and a web hosting plan suit two different needs. 

If you just want to launch a website or blog without having to deal with server configuration and administration, then a web hosting plan would be the best option for you. It focuses on the hosting aspect, offering standard configurations used by most platforms on the market. 

If your project requires a specific server configuration, a certain operating system, and admin access to manage the environment and monitoring, then we would advise opting for a VPS. This way, you get root access to the server and can configure it to suit your needs.