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How do I create a private Arma 3 server?

Developed by Bohemia studio and released in 2013, Arma 3 differentiates itself from other first-person shooters by emphasising the realistic aspect. The player is immersed in advanced military simulations, such as hostage situations and assault missions. Although this title has a main campaign, its mission editor remains a top asset. You can create your own scenarios, either configured with bots or between other players. Three maps are available: Stratis, Altis and Tanoa (released with the Arma 3: Apex extension). There are community servers offering different gaming experiences, from racing to roleplay (RP). The latter is very popular among fans of the series. Become policemen, rebels, or even civilians, and fully immerse yourself in the universe. And to go even further, create a private Arma 3 server.

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Why create an Arma 3 dedicated server?

Arma 3 is a resource-intensive game, even in solo mode. One reason is that the maps are large. They require a lot of storage and a suitable amount of RAM. What’s more, if you host a large number of players, your personal computer will quickly struggle.

When it comes to security, your PC or Mac also doesn't have the security to effectively protect your Arma 3 server. An OVHcloud virtual private server (VPS) comes with anti-DDoS protection, among other features. It will prevent your party from being disrupted by a denial-of-service attack.

From a creative point of view, a VPS gives you unparalleled freedom. As the administrator, you are in control! Set up your RP server, its rules, factions and story. You can even create a PvE mode against zombies. Then, either invite a large number of players or restrict access. Want to experience a tailor-made adventure in Arma 3? It’s all possible with a Game VPS!

What are the advantages of hosting my Arma 3 server on a Gaming VPS?

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Unlimited customisation

Our VPS solutions are specially designed for your creative needs. You can manage them any way you like. Choose your operating system (Windows, Linux, etc.). Then define its configuration, rules and gameplay (such as PvE, PvP faction, or RP). You can also use bots to add a TeamSpeak, Mumble or Discord server. In short, play how you like!

Performance adapted to your budget

Our virtual private servers were designed by our experts especially for gaming. Their resources (CPU, RAM, disk space, bandwidth) were carefully chosen to achieve an optimal gaming quality. Our price ranges adapt to your budget. And you can increase your VPS resources at any time. If needed, you can also migrate to a higher solution via the OVHcloud Control Panel.

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Constantly available

Playing with other people on your private server requires a stable environment. Your VPS is hosted in our datacentres, with an availability guaranteed by a service level agreement (SLA). You also get a bandwidth of between 250 Mbps and 2 Gbps, to provide the smooth performance needed for your Arma 3 RP games.

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A unique gaming experience

The OVHcloud Arma 3 VPS solutions come with our exclusive Anti-DDoS protection. This powerful protection keeps you safe from distributed denial-of-service attacks. The machines in this range are also equipped with NVMe SSDs, resulting in low response times and a better in-game experience.

What are the steps for creating a private server?

Here is the minimum configuration we recommend for your Arma 3 server:

  • 2 virtual processors (vCores)
  • 4 GB of RAM
  • 500 Mbps bandwidth
  • 120 GB disk space

This configuration is suitable for up to 10 players. Next, we recommend adding 1 GB of RAM for every additional 10 players. To choose the best VPS for Arma 3, set your server’s traffic capacity in advance. We recommend our Comfort offer for a server with 10 to 30 players and the Elite solution for a higher number of players.

Next, configure your Arma 3 server. The first step is to choose your operating system. Windows Server and Linux distributions (including Debian) are usually recommended. Need help deploying your machine? Check out our VPS documentation.

Now, install the server step by step:

  • Download SteamCMD to install your server and its files. For this, you must own Arma 3 on Steam.
  • Download the game files and create the folders on your computer.
  • Launch and connect to your server through Arma 3.
  • Add mods such as Wasteland, MGS1, and Revenge by entering their names through the command console.

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