Stay one step ahead protecting your data

It is important to think about all the alternatives for protecting your critical environments against data loss, technical issues and service interruptions. The Zerto platform, managed by OVHcloud, guarantees resilience for your data in a datacentre of your choice.

Easier implementation

Get full access to the Zerto Virtual Manager (ZVM) via existing OVHcloud vSphere accounts. Using the Zerto ZVM API, you can improve your disaster recovery plan (DRP) after an incident. With the RESTful API, you can automate the many tasks that are required for managing recovery after an incident, without having to use the Zerto user interface.

Continuous syncing

Virtual machines are copied at an average speed of 90MBps*. The OVHcloud network is 10 times faster than what is standard on the market, which mean your data can be copied in almost real time.

*Average speed recorded over one week of syncing between our Roubaix and Strasbourg datacentres. This information is not contractual.

Secure data transfer

Your data is synced via the private fibre optic network between OVHcloud datacentres. Your data is transferred between remote sites via a VPN, so all data transfers are secure.


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Protect your critical data with the Zerto platform

Zerto DRP (Disaster Recovery Plan)

Zerto is aimed at companies seeking to protect their IT systems against technical faults, data loss, and service interruptions. Whether you have an on-premises environment that you manage, or a Hosted Private Cloud solution in one of our datacentres, you can protect your data using our solution.

Reprise d'activité depuis n'importe quel site primaire chez OVHcloud

Disaster recovery plans from any primary site to OVHcloud

In the event of a technical incident, the applications hosted on an on-premises datacentre are switched to your OVHcloud infrastructure.

Reprise d'activité depuis premier un Hosted Private Cloud vers un second

Disaster recovery plans from one Hosted Private Cloud to another

In the event of a technical incident, the applications hosted on your Hosted Private Cloud are switched to a second solution, changing their location as a result.

Quickly configuring Zerto DRP on your Hosted Private Cloud

You can set up your Zerto solution in just a few steps. First of all, deploy your secondary Hosted Private Cloud in a different datacentre to your first one. Next, enable the DRP solution for the virtual machines concerned, via your Zerto Virtual Manage secure interface. In one click, migrate your data to the new infrastructure. It is now protected, and available in your secondary infrastructure.

Recovery Point Objective et Recovery Time Objective optimisés

Optimised Recovery Point Objectives and Recovery Time Objectives

With Zerto and continuous high-bandwidth syncing, the risk of data loss before the switch is absolutely minimal. The recovery time objective (RTO) is optimised before the virtual machines are automatically switched onto the backup infrastructure.

Best practices for your disaster recovery plan

When you set up your monitoring solution, the monitoring tool must be independent from the infrastructure it is monitoring, and alerts should be sent via a minimum of two contact channels (e.g. email and SMS).

To organise a disaster recovery plan in your company, a structured procedure should be established. It should detail the actions to take, the employees that know the procedure should be identified, and an escalation system should be established to optimise the way in which incidents are managed. We recommend carrying out a migration test once a month.