Start SQL databases

Start SQL database service

With additional MySQL databases, increase your website performance and make it easier to manage your databases, without changing your hosting plan

Start SQL

From A$6 ex. GST/month

Shared MySQL databases
- Up to 50 databases
- Up to 800MB per database
- Up to 30 concurrent connections
- Backup included

5 Start SQL databases 100 MB A$6 ex. GST/month
20 Start SQL databases 100 MB A$12 ex. GST/month
50 Start SQL databases 100 MB A$21 ex. GST/month
5 Start SQL databases 200 MB A$12 ex. GST/month
20 Start SQL databases 200 MB A$23 ex. GST/month
50 Start SQL databases 200 MB A$38 ex. GST/month
1 Start SQL databases 400 MB A$6 ex. GST/month
2 Start SQL databases 400 MB A$10 ex. GST/month
5 Start SQL databases 400 MB A$23 ex. GST/month
1 Start SQL databases 800 MB A$12 ex. GST/month
2 Start SQL databases 800 MB A$21 ex. GST/month
5 Start SQL databases 800 MB A$46 ex. GST/month
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Included with your Start SQL database service

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Managed database

Your database is monitored 24/7, and kept up-to-date with major security patches.

Concurrent connections

The Start SQL service allows up to 30 concurrent connections per database.

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Automatic backup

Automatic backups of all your databases are taken daily. You can easily find and download them via the OVHcloud Control Panel.

Everything for your databases

By default, our hosting plans include shared databases, or a Web Cloud Databases service.

* Domain name creation and transfer is free for the first year, then renewals are charged at the annual price of the extension from the following list: .com, .net, .biz, .info, .org, .name, .fr, .re, .eu, .be, .es, .it, .de, .at,,,, .nl, .us, .ca, .cz, .ch, .in, .lt, .dk, .pm, .so, .se, .yt, .tf, .wf, .pt, .pl, .ovh, .xyz. Not valid for extensions that include free transfer.

Solutions to fit your needs:

Pour les développeurs

For developers:

Our database range offers quick and easy solutions for developers. Our MySQL solutions are among the most popular and affordable and are designed to meet your needs, with advanced features such as automatic backup. Our solutions are scalable, so we can cover all of your uses.

If you would like to develop your projects using other database management systems, such as PostgreSQL or MariaDB, we recommend our Web Cloud Databases solutions.

Pour les entreprises

For companies:

At OVHcloud, we are committed to offering database management solutions that guarantee maximum security. The scalability of our technologies ensures that you get the best service and performance over time. This way, you can access your data in real time, with complete peace of mind. An SQL database also provides all the features you need for your e-commerce activities. Your customers’ business data is stored securely and is accessible at all times. With our SQL databases, all your databases are encrypted to guarantee optimal security, while maintaining a high level of performance.

Pour vos CMS et sites Internet

For your CMS tools and websites:

Creating an SQL database is essential when building websites using a CMS such as Drupal, WordPress, Joomla!, or Magento. These databases can be used to process and store data from your website, so you can analyse it on request. There are a number of software extensions you can use to improve the caching of your MySQL database on your web servers. If you would like to find out more, check out our guide on creating a database.


What is an SQL database?

An SQL database is part of a relational database system. It is written in SQL (Structured Query Language), which is its standard API. A relational database of this type allows you to establish relationships between information, for example, to link a customer to the number of orders they have made. Every website needs an SQL database to work. Relational databases comprise of several tables in which data is categorised and arranged into columns. These columns contain specific data for different categories.

SQL databases offer optimal flexibility. After the original database has been created, new data categories can be added without impacting the rest of the structure.

How do I host an SQL database?

We take care of everything! When you order a hosting plan from us, we integrate one or more SQL databases directly into your hosting solution.


Should I get a Start SQL database?

It all depends on your personal needs and your web project. If you need more storage to process your data, you can always add a Start SQL database. This shared database solution is best suited to medium-sized sites and traffic.

Can I change my database?

You can easily migrate your data from one database to another via your OVHcloud Control Panel, or directly via phpMyAdmin (on the server). You can import or export your data in just a few clicks. You can also migrate external databases to our servers.

Which databases are included with OVHcloud hosting?

Personal Hosting (includes one 200MB shared MySQL database)

Professional Hosting (includes three 400MB shared databases and one 2GB database)

Performance Hosting (includes 3 800MB shared MySQL databases and 1 4GB shared database + 1 512MB MySQL and NoSQL Web Cloud Databases service)

Web Cloud Databases (menu with choice of database sizes: 512MB / 1GB / 2GB / 4GB)