Don’t Starve together Server

How to create a Don’t Starve Together server

Released in 2016, Don’t Starve Together (DST) is a multiplayer expansion for the popular 2D survival game, Don’t Starve. Play with friends or meet new people online as you fight for survival together in a world filled with mayhem! For endless adventures and a better gaming experience, create a DST dedicated server. Read this page to learn how!

Fight for survival together in a mysterious world!

If you enjoy survival games like Rust or Minecraft, you’ll love Don’t Starve Together. With its dark artwork inspired by Edward Gorey, this unique multiplayer game is as challenging as it is engrossing. Plunged into a strange and unforgiving world, your team must learn how to craft and fight for survival against darkness, starvation and a motley crew of monsters! Build a base, explore the map, collect resources and most importantly – don’t starve!

Available on Windows, Mac OS, Linux, PS4 and Xbox One, DST has three different modes – Survival, Wilderness or Endless – and enables you to connect with others using LAN, network or matchmaking.

Why choose a dedicated server for DST?

Choose a Don’t Starve Together dedicated server to host smooth, uninterrupted multiplayer sessions and push graphics to the max. You’re in control - customise your experience and tweak the environment to suit your needs. Support your community with a strong and stable platform that reduces latency, boosts performance and delivers hours of enjoyment!

Benefits of a DST dedicated server

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High Performance

Our Game servers are built on powerful AMD Ryzen processors with Zen 3 architecture. They also feature water-cooling technology for faster clock speeds and optimal performance.


To ensure high availability and uninterrupted fun for your players, our Game servers are built to handle traffic at a maximum speed of 1Gbit/s and have an SLA of 99.9%.

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Take complete control of your dedicated server. Manage players and gameplay from a central hub. Add additional memory or storage and configure the settings to suit your requirements.

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Global Locations

We have 33 datacentres located around the world, so your community can enjoy reduced latency and a smooth, reliable gaming experience.

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All Game servers include NVMe SSD drives available in sizes between 500GB and 960GB, so you can perform backups and expand your world using mods, texture packs and more.

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To protect your traffic from malicious activity, we include Anti-DDoS protection as standard with all Game dedicated servers.

Designed for the entire gaming community

Our dedicated Game servers are built to meet the needs of everyone. Gamers benefit from superb multiplayer gameplay and can setup Twitch, TeamSpeak or Discord bots directly on our servers to connect with their friends or followers. Resellers can configure our solutions and use them to deliver a quality, secure experience for their community. Developers can also use our servers – we’ll handle the complexities of hosting, whilst you concentrate on designing and building brilliant games!

How can I setup a DST dedicated server?

  1. Check the system requirements

    For the best experience, we recommend 8GB of RAM and a minimum disk space of 20GB. You should also have a dual core processor and a reliable internet connection of at least 100 MB/s. Both Windows and Linux are suitable operating systems.

  2. Choose a server

    We offer two different dedicated servers for gaming – Game-1 and Game-2. Both have different processors and storage configurations. Game-1 is suitable for most DST multiplayer sessions. However, we recommend Game-2 for sessions that require higher performance, such as professional eSports events.
    Our Game servers are available for Windows and Linux. When purchasing a server, make sure you also select a datacentre location close to your players’ physical location. This reduces lag and ensures the best possible gaming experience.

  3. Setup your server

    Open your OVHcloud Control Panel and select ‘Dedicated Servers’. Here, you’ll find the Game server you purchased. You can re-name it to something more memorable, select an operating system and configure the server to suit your needs. To allow traffic in and out, you’ll also need to ensure that UDP port 10999 is open on your router settings.

    After your server and router are setup, download and install SteamCMD. Instructions for Windows, Linux and Mac can be found . Once this has downloaded, you’ll need to generate the config files for your dedicated server. You can do this by linking your Steam account to Klei (DST publisher) .

    Once this is setup, go to ‘Games’ in your Klei account and click on the ‘Game Servers’ button under Don’t Starve Together. This will show you a list of all the cluster tokens your client has generated. Navigate to the bottom of the page and select ‘Add New Server.’ Give your server a name and click on ‘Configure Server’. This enables you to select the game mode, number of players, password etc.

    After completing this information, click on ‘Download Settings’. This will generate a new folder called ‘MyDediServer’ containing all the config files you need. Drag the MyDediServer folder into the folder that holds your DST save files. This can be found by opening DST and clicking on the ‘Data’ button on the bottom right of the load screen.

    Next, you need to create an executable program to start the server via SteamCMD. Go to Documents > Klei > DoNotStarveTogether and create a new text file. Call it ‘StartDSTServer.bat’. Right-click the new file, select ‘Edit using Notepad’ and paste in the following code:

    c:\steamcmd\steamcmd.exe +login anonymous +app_update 343050 validate +quit
    cd /D "c:\steamcmd\steamapps\common\Don't Starve Together Dedicated Server\bin"
    start dontstarve_dedicated_server_nullrenderer -console -cluster MyDediServer -shard Master
    start dontstarve_dedicated_server_nullrenderer -console -cluster MyDediServer -shard Caves

    Go back to Documents > Klei > DoNotStarveTogether and double-click on ‘StartDSTServer.bat’. You should see a command window pop up (eventually two will appear). Once this has finished, open Don’t Starve Together and select ‘Browse Games’. Change the connection to ‘LAN’. Your dedicated server will appear and you’re ready to go!

    If you need further help, please refer to our dedicated server documentation.