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How do I create an ARMA 3 dedicated server?

ARMA 3 is a genre-defining tactical shooter game released in 2013, developed and edited by the Czech studio Bohemia Interactive. This open-world game develops its universe around islands where different factions fight. It is very realism-based, and offers a variety of weapons and vehicles to carry out your mission. ARMA 3 has a campaign and different extensions released over time, which introduce new weapons, scenarios, vehicles, and much more. Players can also customise and create stories, for total immersion and unlimited playability. To get the most out of the game content, setting up an ARMA 3 dedicated server is the best solution.

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The advantages of an ARMA 3 dedicated server

A dedicated server offers better configurations than a personal computer, and is equipped with top-quality components designed for intensive usage in datacentres. The performance it delivers is perfect for launching gaming sessions on a dedicated server with an advanced configuration. You'll never be held back by hardware, which gives you a unique gaming experience where only your imagination is the limit. By choosing an OVHcloud Game dedicated server, you can benefit from our Anti-DDoS protection, which is specially designed for e-sports and video games. It is compatible with ARMA 3, and prevents distributed denial-of-service attacks — so you get an uninterrupted, lag-free experience. High availability is guaranteed by a service level agreement (SLA), which provides reliability. You get up to 1Gbit/s bandwidth — and with our global network of datacentres, you can ensure minimal latency by hosting your server in one that is closest to you or your end-users. A disk space designed for backups is included with each OVHcloud dedicated server. You can use it to store backups of important data associated with your game, as well as configuration files and other sensitive elements.

A solution adapted to your needs

We offer a range of flexible configurations for our dedicated bare-metal servers, so you will find the perfect solution for your needs.
Resellers: With one or more dedicated physical servers, create machines that are ready to host your players, and get optimal use of your hardware resources. Whether you are looking for a standard or custom private gaming server, you have everything you need to attract gaming communities.
Publishers: Harness the raw performance and flexibility of our Game servers to develop and launch your official game servers. Our Game Anti-DDoS protection is specially designed against attacks aimed at video games.
Content creators: Choose the comfort of our servers for your LANs and other events. They are suitable for streaming your games, as well as for hosting applications like TeamSpeak, Discord, Mumble or chatbots.

How much does it cost to host an ARMA 3 dedicated server?

No matter what your budget is, we can offer a solution for hosting your ARMA 3 dedicated server. If you are looking for high performance, reliability and effective protection, the Game range of dedicated servers is made for you. It is equipped with the latest processors, and offers a tailored platform for organising online gaming and e-sports sessions. This range uses our Anti-DDoS solution, which is effective against attacks aimed at video games.

For less resource-intensive usage — i.e. gaming with friends or a small group of players — you can look at our lower-cost range of dedicated servers. You will get high-performance machines, but they are equipped with our standard anti-DDoS protection, rather than the protection designed for video games.

Launch an ARMA 3 dedicated server with OVHcloud

Requirements and minimum configuration

First of all, you must have a copy of the ARMA 3 game, available on Steam. SteamCMD must be installed on the dedicated server to communicate with the platform. Since the game does not support IPv6 addresses, make sure that your server has an IPv4 address, as is the case with our dedicated servers.

The recommended hardware configuration is:

  • 3.5GHz CPU - 4 cores
  • 6GB RAM
  • 40GB storage space (game and mods)

Depending on the number of players you are hosting, you may need to increase the volume of RAM.

Server configuration

To install ARMA 3 on your server, you will need a Windows Server operating system (OS) or a recent Linux distribution. Choose the OS you want when you place your order, and it will be installed automatically on your server.

To learn more about the different aspects of your dedicated server, please refer to our technical guide.

Installing the ARMA 3 game

You can launch an ARMA 3 server on Windows or Linux in just a few steps. Start with SteamCMD installation. This is a command-line console that manages the creation and update of video game servers available on Steam.

With a Windows server

Find out how to install an ARMA 3 dedicated server on Windows by following the tutorial on the official Bohemia Interactive website:

Installation on Windows

With a Linux server

Is your server configured with one of the latest Linux distributions (Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS)? Follow the step-by-step guide provided by the game publisher:

Installation on Linux

Open the ports

To use an ARMA 3 dedicated server, you will need to open specific ports. This is an essential step for the various services to communicate.

The list is below:

  • UDP port 2302 (default set)
  • UDP ports 2303-2304 (Steam)
  • UDP port 2306 (BattleEye)

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