Services included


IPv4 and IPv6 addresses

Each server has a public IPv4 address and an IPv6 address range. As an option, you can rent additional IPv4 addresses for your dedicated server (up to 256 per machine).

Anti-DDoS protection

To guarantee maximum security for your infrastructures, an anti-DDoS system is included with all OVHcloud dedicated servers. It ensures service continuity for your applications, in the event of an attack.

Public bandwidth - 1Gbit/s - guaranteed and unlimited

Your server has a default minimum bandwidth. Ingress and egress traffic is unlimited and free (with the exception of our datacentres located in the Asia-Pacific region). You also have the option of increasing the volume of your bandwidth.

vRack private network - guaranteed and unlimited

Advance servers come with our vRack private physical network. This means you can create your own cluster, or include your server in an existing infrastructure. It is fully isolated from the internet, and delivered at no extra cost.

OVHcloud Link Aggregation

The OVHcloud Link Aggregation feature maximises the availability of your dedicated servers. You can enable it via the OVHcloud Control Panel to group your network links (public and private). This ensures service continuity, and a very high-bandwidth private network for your most critical applications and distributed systems.

Service Level Agreement - 99,95%

All OVH servers have a 99.95% SLA, ensuring the best availability for your business applications.

Intel Software Guard Extensions (SGX)

Intel Software Guard Extensions (SGX) is available with Intel Xeon E processors. This technology delivers advanced hardware and RAM security encryption features, in order to isolate parts of code and data that are specific to each application. You can enable the feature via the OVHcloud Control Panel.

AMD Secure Encrypted Virtualization (SEV)

Integrated with AMD EPYC processors, SEV helps protect your data’s privacy and integrity, by encrypting each virtual machine with one of the 509 unique encryption keys known only to the processor. SEV requires activation in the guest OS and hypervisor.


You can install a number of operating systems automatically via the OVHcloud Control Panel. This includes various operating systems (Windows Server, Debian, Ubuntu or CentOS), Plesk and cPanel web management interfaces, and also Microsoft SQL Server for databases. Virtualisation solutions, like VMware, CoreOS and Windows Hyper-V, are also available.

500GB of backup storage space

Each dedicated server comes with a 500GB storage space, dedicated to backups. This space is completely separate from the server, and is designed for you to store your data and configuration files. The storage capacity can be increased, if needed.

IPMI and KVM on IP

The IPMI (Intelligent Platform Management Interface) console can be accessed via the OVHcloud Control Panel or API, and provides you with a direct connection to your dedicated server. If your server becomes unavailable, you can keep control of it via its public IP address. You can also use this administration system to monitor your server’s hardware components.

Two display methods are available: internet browser (HTML 5) or Java applet.

Assistance and support

By renting servers from OVHcloud, you get technical support via telephone and email. You can also chat to our advisors, who are ready to help. We also offer a range of guides and an online help centre to assist you in installing and managing your services.

Disk customisation

When you order your dedicated server, you can customise its storage capacity with a wide range of disks.

AMD Secure Memory Encryption (SME)

Integrated with AMD EPYC processors, EMS uses a single key to encrypt system memory. This key is generated by the AMD Secure Processor at startup. EMS must be enabled in the system BIOS or operating system. When enabled in the BIOS, memory encryption is transparent, and can be run with any operating system.

Disk customisation

When you order your dedicated server, you can customise its storage capacity with a wide range of disks.

Additional IP addresses

You can attach up to 256 IP addresses to your server, with no monthly costs. You will only be charged a setup fee of A$2.90 ex. GST/IP . IP addresses and/or IP blocks can be transferred between OVHcloud servers, so you can keep them if you choose to change the servers you use. Additional IPs can be geolocated in 14 countries.

Additional, guaranteed public bandwidth

Our dedicated servers have a default public bandwidth. Depending on your project’s resource requirements, you can choose an additional guaranteed bandwidth option. This ensures you maintain constant throughput for ingress and egress traffic.

Additional private bandwidth

OVHcloud dedicated servers come with access to our private physical network, the vRack. By selecting an additional bandwidth option, you increase the data transfer rate between your servers across all our datacentres. The vRack private network is compatible with other OVHcloud solutions, such as dedicated servers, Private Cloud and Public Cloud.

Load Balancer

The OVHcloud Load Balancer distributes the traffic load on the IP addresses for your services hosted in our datacentres. You will need to use this option if you want to distribute your traffic across several servers (e.g. for an e-commerce website). You can also use it to detect unavailable servers, and redirect traffic to one or more functioning servers.

Failover IP

With failover IPs, you can switch IP addresses from one server to another in less than a minute. This technology helps to limit downtime for your users.

The failover IP system is adapted for:

  • Migrating servers to a higher range.
  • Switching projects from development to production environments.
  • Switching traffic to a backup server in the event of a machine failure on the production side.

Migrating a website or other service.

OVHcloud Connect

With OVHcloud Connect, you can link your network to your infrastructure in our datacentres. This high-speed private link is completely isolated from the public network, and perfectly secure.

Additional backup storage

Each of our dedicated servers has a 500GB backup space for storing your data and configuration files. This space can be increased to 1, 5 or 10TB for larger volumes.

NAS storage space

With the 1.2TB to 13.2TB OVHcloud HA-NAS storage space linked to your OVHcloud dedicated servers, you get a centralised storage and backup space for your data.

Advice, support and management for your projects

To guarantee that your business remains online, you will need increased technical skills, and human resources that can offer round-the-clock support. Our experts can manage all of this in an ever-changing landscape that often includes a high number of variables (traffic spikes, marketing campaigns, seasonal projects, etc.).

Outsourcing your platform management gives you flexibility and responsiveness. You can then count on the expertise of infrastructure administration specialists. OVHcloud offers standard and advanced services tailored to your business, to reduce your management costs and support your growth.

Service level agreement

All of our servers benefit from a service level agreement (SLA), which ranges from 99.90% to 99.99% depending on the range. This guarantees optimal availability for your services.