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AI and machine learning dedicated servers OVHcloud
Performance Hosting
A$20.89 ex. GST/month

Guaranteed resources
1 domain name*
CDN, SSL, Service Web Cloud Databases

A$21 A$17.85 ex. GST/month

2 vCore

4 GB


500 Mbps unmetered*

A$38.60 A$32.81 ex. GST/month

4 vCore

8 GB


1 Gbps unmetered*

FromA$57.30 A$48.70 ex. GST/month

8 vCore

From 8 GB to 32 GB

From 160 GB SSD NVMe to 640 GB SSD NVMe

2 Gbps unmetered*

Host your customers for the best price

With our Performance Hosting plans, your web projects get guaranteed resources – providing your customers with a reliable quality of service in line with their needs, all at an affordable price. We take care of the web server administration, so you can focus on your core business and your customers.

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Domain name

To help you launch your projects, all of our web hosting packages come with a free domain name for the first year.*

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Your customers can enjoy fast loading times on their websites with a Content Delivery Network (CDN), included with our Performance web hosting solutions. It also makes navigation easier by optimising the display of content.

Guaranteed resources

The memory (RAM) and the number of processors (CPU) allocated to your hosting system are guaranteed, meaning that your customers benefit from reliable and optimised performance.

Let's Encrypt SSL Certificate

We provide free SSL certificates with our web hosting plans, to ensure that your users’ websites are secure. You can enable them directly via your control panel.

Multi-domain management

Host several websites on a single server, by attaching as many domain names as you want to your hosting plan.

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Backup and restore

A backup and restore tool is provided for your files and databases. If needed, you can restore them from up to 14 days earlier.

Need a dedicated environment?

Depending on your needs, you can host your customers’ websites and applications on our VPS, combining excellent management flexibility with the best price/performance ratio. The difference between this and our web hosting plans is that with a VPS, you get a dedicated environment that you can manage with more freedom.

VPS Total scalability - OVHcloud
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Be part of a dynamic ecosystem

Many organisations already use our solutions for their customers. Join an ecosystem of more than 800 partners and benefit from an innovative and supportive network. You will also gain access to training sessions on our solutions. Let’s work together to enable everyone to grow and develop in a sovereign, sustainable cloud.

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More capabilities with Web PaaS powered by Platform.sh

Need a platform that allows multiple programming languages? Web PaaS powered by Platform.sh lets you quickly code and deploy your customers’ websites and applications, in more than 60 languages and frameworks. Create and deploy in just a few minutes (using CI/CD) with this collaborative cloud platform.


Your questions answered

What is reseller hosting?

Reseller hosting is a hosting solution used by a business to host their customers’ websites and applications. Hosting providers, or resellers, charge their customers for this service, without needing to manage the hosting or the server.

How do I become a web hosting provider?

First of all, choose a web hosting plan. Once you have done this, you can host your customers’ websites on it. Our Web PaaS offers can also provide support to your users so that they can quickly and easily create websites (e.g. showcase site, e-commerce).

Why choose OVHcloud for my reseller hosting?

Website traffic on sites we host is not billed, and remains unlimited. We also include several features at no extra cost, including:

Compare our hosting solutions to find the one that best fits your projects!

What is web hosting?

Web hosting generally refers to a server used to put a website online. The hosting provider makes part of the machine available to its customers, offering them storage space linked to their domain name. A database is also usually included. You can use it to store your data, as part of your email solution, and as disk space for your backups. Shared hosting is usually the most accessible and easiest solution to administer.

What is shared hosting?

Shared hosting refers to a server whose resources (memory, CPU, disk space, bandwidth) are shared between users. However, each user’s data remains isolated. With our shared hosting solution, you can enjoy the features of a web server without the need for any technical knowledge. What’s more, OVHcloud competitive pricing makes it easy to start your web projects.

What is a VPS?

A virtual private server (VPS) is a storage space created on a physical server through virtualisation. It is a dedicated environment with greater flexibility when it comes to its administration.

What is the difference between a VPS and a shared hosting plan?

A virtual private server offers a space dedicated to one user. It also offers greater management capabilities, but requires a basic knowledge of server management.

Shared hosting is a turnkey service where the user does not manage the infrastructure. Its resources are shared between several users, although each user remains in control of their data.

Both types of solutions are perfect for hosting websites for your customers.

How do I get a free web hosting plan?

Every domain name order with OVHcloud includes 10 MB of free hosting space. You can use this to create a static webpage, but it will quickly run out if you want to host professional websites. We recommend selecting one of our various solutions that offer a larger capacity.

Can I host several websites on my server?

We offer multisite hosting services. You can organise your environments to suit your projects’ needs, especially with our VPS solutions. Storage space and different resources can also be allocated according to their usage.

To make managing your VPS easier, you can install a control panel like Plesk or cPanel. We have designed our Performance Web Hosting plan to allow you to host the number of websites you want.

Why create multiple environments for my web projects?

Environments are separate instances of applications that include all the required services. Isolated workspaces can be created for production, run or test purposes. They are also suitable for development, implementation, revision, and so on. You can create them via the CLI, a Git clone, or on the solution’s web console.

*Domain name creation and transfer is free for the first year, then renewals are charged at the annual price of the extension from the following list: .com, .net, .biz, .info, .org, .name, .fr, .re, .eu, .be, .es, .it, .de, .at, .co.uk, .me.uk, .org.uk, .nl, .us, .ca, .cz, .ch, .in, .lt, .dk, .pm, .so, .se, .yt, .tf , .wf, .pt, .pl, .ovh, .xyz. Not valid for extensions that include free transfer.