Public Cloud

A Resilient Public Cloud

Deploy compute, storage, databases and more on a robust ecosystem within minutes

Price to Performance

Flexible, scalable solutions to suit any budget, without compromising service quality

Flexible Billing

Hourly and monthly billing options, to suit your requirements

Scalable Configuration

Deploy, manage and upscale your infrastructure in the way that suits you, using the OVHcloud Control Panel

Robust Network

Access OVHcloud's own global infrastructure, to ensure maximum availability for your solutions boasting 32TB of network capacity

Secure Private Network

Create fast, secure connections between your virtual servers, no matter where they are located

OpenStack Architecture

OVHcloud Public Cloud is powered by the mature and well-respected OpenStack architecture

OVHcloud global infrastructure

Hyper scale cloud provider
with a global presence

1.5 Million Customers
around the world

260,000 Cloud Instances
in 33 datacenters

8 Cloud Regions
including Australia & Singapore

Build on our innovative ecosystem of cloud products and services

Exceptional price to performance

IOPS Instancias con un alto rendimiento transaccional
More power for less

Web ApplicationWith Public Cloud

Up to 80% more cost effective compared to other leading providers*

Web 1 Web 2 DBStorage Traffic
*Known prices (US$) as of July 2019, based on on-demand instances equivalent:
AWS: s1-2: a1.small, s1-4 : a1.large, b2-30 : m5ad.2xlarge, b2-7 : m5ad.large, Obj Storage : S3 standard
GCP: s1-2: g1-small, s1-4 : custom-1-4, b2-30 : n1-standard-8, b2-7 : n1-standard-2, Obj Storage : Cloud Storage Regional

OVHcloud Infrastructure used for a website with 512GB monthly traffic:

  • 2 x Web servers (s1-2, s1-4)
  • 1 x DB server (b2-30)
  • Object Storage
  • FREE Outgoing traffic (1TB)

Don't just take our word for it

Cloud Spectator

Compute IOPS

The results found that Oracle, Azure and AWS could not keep pace with OVHcloud implementations. OVHcloud simply outperformed everything else and delivers the fastest NVMe storage we've observed in the cloud market.

Cloud Spectator International

Our customers

Choose from a wide range of
pay-as-you-go cloud solutions

Launch your Public Cloud project with OVHcloud today

Introduction and basics to OpenStack infrastructure

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any limitations during my trial?

You have full access to try out our full suite of cloud instances and solutions.

Which locations are available for the trial?

You can deploy instances in our Asia Pacific region, including Australia and Singapore as well as other regions in Europe and North America.

Who is eligible for this free trial?

The OVHcloud Public Cloud Free trial is eligible to all new customers who have not created a new cloud project in their account prior.

How do I sign up for the free trial?

Simply fill in the short form above and our friendly sales team will contact you to learn more about your needs.

Do I need to add a payment method to enjoy the free trial?

Yes, a valid credit card or PayPal account is required. However you will not be charged as long as you do not exceed your free trial quota.

What will happen if I exceed my free trial quota?

For any excess usage beyond the issued credits, you will be billed through the provided payment method. You may monitor your quota directly from the OVH control panel.

How can I cancel my free trial?

As the free trial will be provided in the basis of credits, any unused credits will not be chargeable.

(1) One voucher is provided upon request by filing the form or by calling our Asia-Pacific Sales team. This voucher is for new Public Cloud project only, and is limited to one voucher per NIC handle (username). When you activate it, your prepaid OVHcloud account will be credited with the equivalent of fifty Australian dollars (A$50). The credit can be used for all new projects created with Public Cloud instances located in any available OVHcloud datacenter. The credit is valid for the standard Public Cloud services available on the OVHcloud website (including hourly or monthly billing, and Linux or Windows options). To use the service with the vouchers, you need to accept the applicable terms of service listed on the OVHcloud website, unless any SLAs are applied. The activation code for this voucher is valid for 30 days once received and the voucher must be activated when you create a new project in the OVHcloud Control Panel. The credit is valid for a duration of one (1) month, and is automatically deducted in full from your next bill. This credit has no monetary value, and cannot be exchanged, transferred or refunded. Once the credit is exhausted, your account will be debited as normal each time you use the service. For this reason, you need to have a valid payment method registered in the OVHcloud Control Panel. If you would like to cancel this service without incurring any additional fees, you will need to cancel your projects in the OVHcloud Control Panel before your usage exceeds the total credit balance covered by the voucher. Trial is free when a Credit Card payment method is saved on your OVHcloud Control Panel and is used to activate your first Public Cloud project. If Paypal payment is selected, you will be required to pre-pay A$15 worth of credits upfront (with validity for 13 months). Pre-paid Public Cloud credits are non-refundable.

(2) If accepted, the data communicated via this form will be collected by OVH SAS acting as a data controller. It may be transmitted solely for the purposes described below to other entities of the OVH group, and to subcontractors acting in the name of, on behalf of and at the direction of OVH. In this case, OVH SAS ensures that a sufficient protection mechanism is in place. As such, data transfers to entities of the OVH group located outside the European Union are governed by OVH's binding company rules. The data is processed for a period of 36 months with your consent, in order to provide you with offers concerning the infrastructures, products and services offered by the OVH group.