Archiving, Backup & Recovery

Bare Metal server archiving and backup

Your archiving and backup systems need to process increasingly large volumes of data. For optimal operation, you will need suitable configurations with high storage capacities, and consistent performance. For these uses, we offer OVHcloud Bare Metal dedicated servers.

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Massive data storage - an asset for your business

With data volume and diversity skyrocketing, storage solutions must meet a very specific set of needs, including agile data flow management, fault prevention, ensuring optimal archiving for critical data, and ensuring compliance with all applicable laws. With our high-performance, affordable dedicated servers, turn data archiving and backups from a limitation into an asset for your business.

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High storage capacities

One of the key features of our dedicated servers is the storage capacity offered, which comes at an ultra-competitive price per terabyte. There is no storage limit, with up to 500TB of disk space per server.

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Hot-adding disks

For even further flexibility in managing your servers, you can use the HGR-STOR range to add storage disks without powering down the server. This means you do not need to provision additional disks in advance — you can add them as soon as you need to.

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Security and performance

Our dedicated servers benefit from an increased level of security (ISO 27001, 27017, 27018, 27701, and Healthcare/HDS certifications). All resources are dedicated to you, and your servers can be isolated from the public network via the OVHcloud Link Aggregation* solution.

*available on High Grade servers

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Unlimited traffic and transparent pricing

You get unlimited public and private high-speed network traffic on all of our servers. You do not have to anticipate any additional costs, and get predictable pricing with a controlled budget.


Archiving - Backup - Recovery Shema


Archiving is low in power, and has a very low cost per TB. Your data will be conserved for an exceptionally long period of time, with first-choice components on our dedicated servers.

These servers include disks dedicated to the operating system, and others reserved for storing data. Get differentiated hard disk storage with a RAID architecture.

Thanks to the archive’s high capacity and setup, process flexibility and document durability are guaranteed.

Options and services included

  • A range of memory and storage options.
  • 50Gbit/s private bandwidth guaranteed on High Grade (optional).
  • OVHcloud Link Aggregation (OLA) is available on the Advance STOR and High Grade ranges at no additional cost.

How does an archive server work?

The archive server is useful when you have high volumes of data to store. These files do not need to be accessed regularly, and are only retained for specific needs. Storing this data on a server designed for this purpose can save you money, with a focus on storage. Your other servers can then use their storage space for more useful tasks.

To fulfil its archiving function, the server must be able to ensure the integrity of the data it stores under all circumstances. OVHcloud servers benefit from a RAID architecture, which ensures that no failures affect the data stored on the hard disks.

What is the difference between backups and archiving?

Backup and archiving actions serve two distinct purposes. The advantage of a backup is that it can be restored in the event of a system failure, whether it is hardware- or software-related. Archiving is intended to retain important data that an organisation may need to review in the future. This means it requires different features, such as the ability to perform an advanced search within the archive to identify and extract specific files.