Advance-2 Dedicated Server


New in India

Manage your business applications and website with a configuration designed for parallel tasks.

This server is equipped with an Intel® Rocket Lake-E processor, a PCIe Gen4 controller, and NVMe drives. This combination of cutting-edge technology provides a powerful, balanced platform for every application type.

For businesses with the very strictest security requirements, Intel Software Guard Extensions (SGX) technology secures data processing and exchange. As a result, it guarantees optimal security.

If you would like to increase availability and throughput between the nodes in your cluster, you can also enable the OVHcloud Link Aggregation feature, which is available on this server.

  • Intel® Rocket Lake-E Processor
  • PCIe Gen4 Controller
  • OVHcloud Link Aggregation (OLA)
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Use Cases

Hosting of websites and e-commerce

Enjoy dedicated web hosting for your website or e-commerce platform, without additional costs for traffic, and without compromising on security.

Confidential computing

Protect your data during processing, with advanced hardware memory encryption (enclave) security features.

CMS: WordPress

Create and deploy your fully customisable professional website