Who we are

Who we are

Who we are

We believe that an open cloud is an integral part of our future, where all thrive together and customers have the freedom to choose. We are empowering people to achieve their ambitions.

Vision & Mission


Our vision : Innovation for freedom.

We are at the heart of the data revolution which is opening the doors to wide new possibilities for applications and technology.  We believe each person must be allowed to keep control of his or her own data, so each can innovate and do business as desired.  Our vision is to empower people with the freedom to achieve their ambition.

Our mission

Our mission : Open to power your data

The role of technology is to work for us.  In a world where data is at the heart of all aspects of our private, cultural, social and professional lives, we power our customers’ ideas and imagination.  We believe in innovation when it is disruptive and provides freedom for all; and in being where the growth is, enabling people and businesses to thrive.  After all, it is our heritage to think differently, to do differently, and to disrupt the status quo.



Our history

Throughout our history we have continued to build long-lasting relationships with our customers, connecting them to opportunities and helping them to thrive.

Our values

Our values are central to achieving our goals. We believe that how we do business is as important as what we do. Our OVHcloud values define who we are as an organization and what makes us different. We strive for our employees to feel empowered to do business in the right way, in a responsible way.

These values reflect the best aspects of our heritage and remain key to our long-term success. Does this sound like a team you want to be a part of? Learn more about our career opportunities.



Turning our commitments into actions; being humble enough to know we need other; giving everyone a chance, including learning from mistakes

Building together - including with customers and partners - a collective circle of trust

Working Together

Working Together

Seeking to build together, nurture each other, and grow together in an open and honest way

Believing individual success comes only as a contribution to collective success; never forgetting we are a team, which is greater than the sum of its parts



An enthusiasm for life, technology and the adventure that we are living together - striving to always do better, to always do more

Always pushing ourselves and our way of thinking, so that we listen, understand and do our best for our customer

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Continually seeking ways to change the rules of the game, to create new solutions, to work more efficiently, and to reduce our costs

To think differently, to be inventive, to find our own path which results in more value for our customers, partners and ourselves



Acting ethically, taking accountability, and caring about how our actions impact our communities and society at large

Accepting no trade-off nor comprise in order to protect the interests and data entrusted to us

Our Philosophy

Our brand

Our Brand

From our broad product range, our intelligent manufacturing process, our support for an open ecosystem, and our passionate employees to our commitment to social responsibility, we help to unlock the cloud. Why?  Because we believe in an open system that keeps the users, coders, developers, partners, administrators and operators in control of their data – to manage in the right way, in a responsible way. That’s how we build freedom.



Freedom to Choose

There are so many variables that can affect this control, from the cloud provider’s location, to its software platforms, security, regulatory compliance and much more. Our advantage is in our approach to serve the needs of an ever-changing world. 

Smart Cloud


  • Simple. Easy to Use.  Security, maintenance and updates supported by OVHcloud.
  • Multi-local. Worldwide data centers with local teams.  More importantly, respect for data safety and local legislations.
  • Accessible. Broad range of products and services.  Affordability and predictive prices making technology accessible to all.
  • Reversible. Open interoperability and commitment to an open ecosystem where users control the technology and platforms.  Open standards to ensure reversibility and interoperability.
  • Transparent. Transparent information on pricing model, services and options.