Anthos included features

Hosted Private Cloud powered by Anthos is based on Anthos on bare metal operating in private mode software for customers who want isolation from the public cloud while getting the quality, functionality, and innovation of a Google platform.

What's included?

Discover our flexible Hosted Private Cloud with starter packs. Kick start your Kubernetes clusters in minutes.

Hosted Private Cloud powered by Anthos is based on Anthos on bare metal operating in private mode, our Advance Baremetal servers, and Netapp Dedicated Storage (in the Stateful Production pack).

Anthos Management Center

Anthos Management Center/Control Plane

For each Hosted Private Cloud, we deploy a managed Anthos Management Center known as the control plane.

You'll interact with the Hosted Private Cloud powered by Anthos through the Anthos CLI, the OVHcloud APIv6, the Anthos UI, and the Kubernetes API. This allows you to industrialize the management of your clusters through GitOps or infra-as-code tools.

The fine-grained identity management relies on OIDC, to through which you can connect your own IAM solution and secure access with RBAC rules on each cluster and/or on the control plane.

The control plane also integrates an Observability stack with Prometheus, Grafana and Loki.

User Clusters

User Clusters/Data Plane

Create and manage Kubernetes clusters within your private cloud environment by leveraging three different resources: Baremetal Pool, Public IPs Pool, and Managed Netapp SVMs.

Baremetal pool:

Create Kubernetes clusters with worker nodes inside the Baremetal Pool, interconnected through our private network (vRack).

In your Hosted Private Cloud, we deliver 5 or 15 servers - corresponding to a totality of 60 vCPU, 320 GB RAM, 5TB local NVMe for a Discovery Pack, and 180 vCPU, 960 GB RAM, and 15TB NVMe for other packs.

It's possible to add additional baremetal servers for new projects/applications or seasonal workload variation, with short-term commitments (1 month).

With the Stateless and Stateful packs, for example,  create 3 K8s clusters with 5 nodes or 5 K8s clusters with 3 nodes each.

Public IPs pool:

In starter packs, we include a /26 Public IP block. You're able to use 50 IPs to interconnect your application to the internet.

Add additional 26 IP blocks with 50 usable IP addresses, if necessary.

Managed Netapp Cluster:

If you need to store persistent data in your containers, you can use our managed, dedicated Netapp Cluster, included in the Stateful pack, exposing 55 TB of usable, highly available Netapp storage.

You will have full access to a Netapp storage array with all Netapp's innovations.

The container storage interface (CSI) Trident will be automatically deployed to each of your clusters.

If you run out of storage, you can add an additional Netapp Cluster.

Included features in Anthos on bare metal operating in private mode

Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE)

The best Kubernetes experience on the planet.

Anthos Config Management (ACM)

A GitOps automation suite that provides policy and configuration at scale.

Anthos Service Mesh (ASM)

Based on Istio.  Zero Trust Networking service management.

Cloud Logging and Monitoring

Collect Logs and Metrics from Platforms, Apps and Services thanks to dedicated Prometheus, Grafana and Loki.

Cloud Run for Anthos (soon)

Managed serverless based on Knative.

Migrate for Anthos (soon)

Migrate VMs running on VMware, AWS, or Azure into containers managed by GKE.

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Can I use GCP Cloud Build or GCP Marketplace with Anthos private mode?

GCP Services that are cloud-based will not be included in the service. This includes Cloud Marketplace and Cloud Build. However, Google will provide a set of integrated OSS services for Anthos on bare metal operating in private mode in the future, including support for PostgreSQL, Kafka, etc. These are roadmap items that are subject to change. Kubernetes cluster deployed in your OVHcloud private cloud expose standard Kubernetes API and can also be used with any K8s-compatible software or service (CI/CD tooling, backup and restore tools, multicloud planes...).