CloudDB Architecture

Resilient database architectures, adapted to suit all needs

Our teams have designed and tested these database cluster architectures, which combine resilience and high performance. We deliver uncompromised power, to suit the most critical uses.

Native high availability

High availability should be a given. Each of our clusters has a primary node, and multiple secondary nodes to handle any hardware or network failures. This means you have the highest availability rate possible, to ensure constant integrity for your services.

Designed for intensive production

Enterprise Cloud Databases database clusters are designed for critical applications. Our architectures are designed to meet the very highest needs in terms of performance, stability and constant availability — with nodes that are dedicated exclusively to your usage (single tenant nodes). We also integrate backup mechanisms that do not affect your production.

The best of open-source technology

Our architectures are based on popular software solutions that are widely used by the open-source community worldwide. With these reliable, high-performance platforms, we can guarantee popular architecture principles that are transparent and easy to use.

Architecture principles

Compatibilité multiproduit, multicloud

Multi-product and multi-cloud compatibility

Whatever you are currently using the cloud for, our clusters will suit your needs. They are based on security groups, so they ensure multi-product and multi-cloud compatibility. This means you can connect to your databases from other OVHcloud solutions, external solutions, and directly from your company. And there is no need to worry about any costs for network traffic — they are included by default in the solution price.

Mise à l'échelle en quelques instants

Scalability in just a few minutes

A cluster is natively equipped with several nodes. You can also scale it to boost resilience and performance. You can add or delete nodes easily via the API, or via the OVHcloud Control Panel.

Résilience à tous les niveaux

Resilience at all levels

All of the components that make up your cluster are replicated, and have automatic failover mechanisms. We deploy the components across multiple availability zones*, and take daily backups of your data. Logs are also kept for a rolling period of three months.

*Subject to feasibility.

PostgreSQL technical resources

Architecture principles

Concepts and roles of components in your cluster

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Automatic failover

A study of the impact of a node failing on your cluster

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Backups and restorations

Find out how they work, and what they are used for

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