How we do it

How we do it

How we do it

Our company’s organization fosters collaboration and an open, vibrant culture designed to serve our customers first.

Our Culture

Our culture

At OVHcloud, being a technology provider involves fostering a solid company culture that drives innovation. Our culture has led us to where we stand today, as a European leader in the cloud. OVHcloud is an open company, that thrives with the wisdom of a vibrant ecosystem in which people trust each other, interact, communicate, and enrich each other constantly to succeed and grow together.

Our vision, values, ambition, and dream are many treasures we want to share. We are not afraid of going fast, we are not afraid of the unknown, nor fails nor invention. We are confident when it comes to following our own path. Our culture is there to help us go further, faster.

Our business units

We are building a business for the long term, developing relationships that last. We want to be a well-managed organization that people are proud to work for, is fueled by our values, has the trust of our customers, and contributes to the communities we serve.  


Product business unit

Product Business Unit

Our Products BU exists to bring to life our OVHcloud product offerings.
Always starting with the customer in mind, this team builds the platforms and automates the infrastructure by designing an OVHcloud that is truly a SMART cloud.


Industry Business Unit

The Industry BU is the infrastructure architect and operator at the heart of our innovative manufacturing process. We are proud to be vertically integrated, from engineering to server manufacturing, from infrastructure design to data center management.


Corporate Business Unit

The Corporate BU includes the support functions of Finance, Legal, and Human Resources.These global teams perform key functions including accounting, treasury, legal, payroll, purchasing, compliance, recruitment and employee engagement.


Commerce Business Unit

The Commerce BU is at the forefront of ensuring that OVHcloud consistently meets the needs of our customers, partners and prospects. This team plays a critical role in designing and delivering the customer experience.

Operations Business Unit

Operations Business Unit

The Ops BU is leading the way in transforming the technology that supports our business and the processes with which we operate. This team sits at the leading edge of digital transformation: from selecting the right technology partners, to finding the balance between agility and speed, to optimizing our internal resources.

Our Footprint

Our business model

Our business model

Vertically Integrated
Building a different cloud implies developing a singular approach to a SMART cloud. We achieve this through maintaining control on our entire value chain.  From the design of our servers to the availability of our products through our digital tools, our integrated model allows us to propose the best price to performance ratio.

Challenging the status quo
Our customers are the priority. To accompany them to succeed in the cloud, we developed different universes, or customer experience definitions, to simplify how our products are bought, used, paid and supported. All to solve specific customer expectations.  



OVHcloud at a glance

  • 30 datacenters
  • Proprietary network, 20 Tbsp. total network capacity
  • 34 Points of Presence
  • 2200+ Employees worldwide
  • 380,000 physical servers running in our DCs
  • 1.5M+ global customers
  • High performance and powerful compute built with technology partners Nvidia, Intel, AMD, VMware, Veeam, NetApps, Cisco, and Zerto
  • Contributor to Openstack, CISPE and OpenCloud foundation communities
  • Certifications & Compliance

Offices & Locations

Building a multilocal cloud implies being close to our customers and partners wherever they are to help them build and grow in the cloud.
Therefore, we developed a strong worldwide presence to accompany our ecosystem and help them succeed in complete freedom.