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Building a sustainable blockchain database is one thing, but building one that is efficient, cost-effective, and compliant is another. This process requires careful planning, and an understanding of how underlying infrastructure impacts the success of your blockchain company.

Read the whitepaper written by our experts: ‘Building successful blockchain infrastructures’ to explore how your infrastructure decisions can determine future success.

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You need a cloud service provider that offers both hybrid and multi-cloud networking services.
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Simplify Operations

Configurations of nodes adjusted to the need of the blockchain node requirements.


Boost Security

Trusted cloud solutions that ensure security for your data.


Cut Costs

One of the best investments you’ll ever make. No ingress and egress charges.


Unleash Potential

Evolutive and managed infrastructure to focus on your core business.



Stress Less

Adapted to the volatility of the Blockchain space and its variable demand. Pay-as-you-go and no vendor locking.


Scale Easily

Scale resources to suit usage. Get more control over dynamic & unpredictable workloads.

Proven to deliver results

Our customers are boosting their performance with our trusted Blockchain Ecosystem and our trusted partners expertise.

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"Our team at Flux is not maximalist, we believe working with Web2 and Web3 will benefit users of both platforms. OVHcloud is trusted in the Web2 space and is forward-thinking about how to build a trusted digital environment in tandem, much like the development of on-prem and cloud services. They will provide the suitable infrastructure for us to grow a truly decentralized internet."

Daniel Keller, Co-founder of Flux

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"As a successful blockchain start-up, we needed a scalable solution to support our growing Web3 platforms. We chose OVHcloud because they offered the most resilient cloud services that met our needs. We are impressed with their experience and ability to deliver a stable and secure service to our end customers. OVHcloud are now our trusted partner.”

Viktor Malchev, Director, Grassets Tech

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"OVHcloud Dedicated Servers ticked all the boxes for GOSH, delivering a high-performance platform for innovation that is also sustainable and cost-effective. Adopting this technology enabled GOSH to enhance its blockchain solution, support its community and boost investor confidence – leading to increased commercial success. GOSH is now exploring other OVHcloud solutions and is glad to have found a partner it can trust for the future."

Mitja Goroshevsky, CEO and Co-Founder, GOSH

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”Although we still use competing products, the fast delivery, the guaranteed connection of one to five gigabytes and the high data protection standards at OVHcloud have convinced us to switch completely to OVHcloud and to recommend their products to others.”

Yannik Heinze, Managing Director at Chainsulting

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Multiple Options

We offer the largest portfolio of popular open-source databases on the market.

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Robust Security

Built on our trusted & compliant cloud with end-to-end security, high SLA and increased data governance.

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Fully Managed

We take care of everything – setup, security, updates, backup & infrastructure tasks, such as licensing.



Pay only for what you consume with transparent, predictable per-hour billing.

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Instant Setup

Rapidly provision a database in minutes & scale easily to meet requirements.

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Choose a service plan with automated daily backups, high availability & security to suit your needs.


Our team can help you go from A-Z with our trusted Blockchain Ecosystem and our trusted partners expertise.
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Enterprise hosting solution OVHcloud

High performance computing on a bare-metal server

Address the challenges of high-performance computing and massive data processing with robust, high-performance, purpose-built servers that provide the power, memory, and storage you need.


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Public cloud instances

The OVHcloud Public Cloud offers you a large number of cloud solutions that are billed on a pay-as-you-go basis. It also offers tools to operate and automate actions, such as deployments, maintenance or scaling up during peak loads.


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Hybrid and multicloud solutions

Isolate your traffic by connecting to a worldwide private network. Effortlessly up- and downscale your resources in real-time. Enjoy maximum predictability when it comes to your costs. Avoid any vendor lock-in, with full reversibility for your cloud solutions.


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What is Blockchain?

Blockchain is a distributed, decentralized database — and this database is shared among the nodes of a specific network. The key difference between a regular database and a blockchain is the way in which the data is structured. Blockchain collects data in blocks, which then are added to the chain built out of them. The data stored on chain is replicated among tens of nodes, which are connected peer2peer with one other. This makes it very unlikely to be manipulated, hacked or unreachable, as there are just too many nodes operating at any given time.

How is a transaction verified in the blockchain?

Blockchain-based applications are called decentralized applications (Dapps). The front-end facing applications create a smart contract (transaction), which then must be verified. If the verification process is successful, it gets added to the transaction block. A transaction can only be added to the chain when a set of criteria is met. The verification process depends on the protocol sourcing the network.

What is Proof of Work (PoW) protocol?

In a network operating PoW protocol, the transactions are validated by a mining node. The verifying nodes that operate in a PoW based network are solving a mathematical problem. They mostly use the computing power of a GPU or CPU to solve these problems. Very often, mining nodes use 100% of the available compute power. This method requires servers to be equipped with very powerful GPUs, which need to run continually.
Due to OVHcloud's commitment to sustainability, we do not allow validation ("Mining") on "PoW powered" networks.

What is Proof of Stake (PoS) protocole?

With a blockchain operating on a PoS network, the validation process is managed by the network of validators that share a common interest in maintaining network security & transparency, as they own operational coins in the system. These "validators" operate a pool of validating nodes, which stake a portion of their coin assets — thus pledging the validity of the transaction. There are many iterations of the PoS protocol, which vary depending on the functionality that needs to be achieved. Looking at the underlying infrastructure, the crucial aspect to focus on is that with this type of verification, the nodes are not necessarily using the full resource's capacity. Consequently, this should ease some of the restrictions put in place by cloud service providers.

About OVHcloud

Our aim is to provide an open cloud that is reversible and interoperable. This belief empowers our 1.6M customers across 140 countries, as we continue to build on our global footprint of 33 datacentres with the latest generation of private, public and web cloud services.

We have developed an integrated and sustainable business model where we design cutting edge technology to assemble our water-cooled servers that are housed in our purpose-built datacentres. This value chain enables us to offer the best market prices when comparing like for like performance. Plus, our transparent price book means that our customers can predict their costs and won’t get bill surprises!

Our 32 Tbps fibre-optic global network across 38 points of presence with real-time monitoring and anti-DDoS is optimised for stability, redundancy and availability keeps our customers businesses operating efficiently and safely. It was this network that repelled one of the largest DDoS attacks ever recorded.


70 Tbps
of global network capacity

34 datacenters
present on 4 continents

44 redundant PoPs
around the world