OVHcloud's greenest Datacenter

The new home for your data in Limburg

Learn all you need to know about the architecture and sustainability of our new Datacenter in Germany. Follow live the development and the current status of the construction site.


Facts and numbers for our new Datacenter in Limburg

PUE of 1.15

due to the patented water cooling system OVHcloud is able to ensure a power usage efficiency of 1.15 for the new DC

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Netfloor area 6.360 square meter

the new Datacenter will be the 4th biggest of OVHcloud worldwide

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100% renewable energy

will be used to power our DC by 2025

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Use of "Waste heat"

for heating purposes in the neighborhood of the Datacenter

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830 kg/CO2 per year filtered out of the air

Thanks to a green roof of the new Datacenter

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highest fire protection standards

thanks to state-of-the-art technology


One of the key priorities for the development of the new Datacenter is the Security concept. OVHcloud will invest in the implementation and concept work for the following features:

  • Security zone concept with onion-skin principle
    • starting from the High Security Area at Rack-level to the monitored outdoor area
  • 24/7/365 Security & 24/7/365 control station/ monitoring
    • end-2-end monitoring around the clock
  • Multi-level access control
    • The access concept allows detailed definition of access rights and roles
  • Comprehensive video surveillance
    • all areas in the new DC are constantly monitored via a video surveillance system
  • Personnel separation with locks
    • the access rights will be organized with individual rights and access levels

Technical fire protection

Next to the security concept OVHcloud will put emphasis on the fire protection and the technical setup supporting it.

  • Environmentally friendly extinguishing agent N2
    • the extinguishing agent will be based on a nitrogen-based fire suppression system. This system will be implemented in an sustainable manner, that ensures lowest environmental impacts
  • Area-wide fire alarm system with early fire detection
    • the area wide alarm system will enable immediate reaction with very low time delay wherever the fire incident occurs
  • Direct connection to the Limburg fire department
  • Automatic nitrogen extinguishing system in all server, network and critical technical rooms
  • Two-detector dependency in these rooms

Thanks to all these measures, the new OVHcloud Datacenter will ensure the highest fire protection standards exceeding construction law requirements.

Power/data supply and redundancies

The power supply will be implemented with a special emphasis on as well sustainability as redundancy.

  • 100% renewable energy usage
    • The new datacenter will use only renewable energy for all processes sinside the DC
  • Feeding from 2 substations with dedicated redundant ring feeding
    • In order to ensure a constant energy supply OVHcloud will implement a redundant energy feeding via 2 substations
  • Redundant medium voltage system
  • 12 electrical line-ups with redundancies
  • Emergency generators with 48h autonomy time and redundancy
    • in case of an emergency the DC is able to continue processing for at least 48 hours based on emergency generators.
  • Redundant networks rooms, redundant carrier
    • all network rooms and carrier equipment is designed in a redundant way, so that the system stays up and running even if one of the systems is having an incident

Discover our new Datacenter

Take a look at the new datacenter:

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