Boost your
online presence

You don’t have to be a tech guru to launch your business online. By following the five steps listed below, you’ll know all the basics of building a good online presence that sets your business apart.

Take precautions

Secure your website
By following a few basic security rules, you can easily protect your website.
Secure your website

Security rules to follow

First of all, ensure that you use different passwords, and that they are sufficiently complex. Check that you have also set up HTTPS (a protocol that secures online exchanges) on your website. Finally, update your content management system (CMS) regularly, to avoid being exposed by any potential security vulnerabilities.

Did you know?

At OVHcloud, we take security very seriously. We include free SSL certificates with all of our web hosting plans (to secure communications between your server and browsers), as well as anti-DDoS protection (to avoid distributed denial-of-service attacks). This way, you can develop your online presence without having to worry about security.