Enterprise Cloud Databases pour PostgreSQL

Enterprise Cloud Databases for PostgreSQL

PostgreSQL is the most comprehensive open-source database management platform in the world. Design your architecture with PostgreSQL to get all the advantages offered by software with rigorous design principles, and a very active community.

With Enterprise Cloud Databases, you get fully-managed, easy-to-use databases that allow you to focus on your core business.

PostgreSQL, without modifications

We offer the very latest non-modified PostgreSQL versions, to guarantee you a smooth migration to OVHcloud or to your on-premises infrastructures. We promote data reversibility, and simplify migration from our solutions to others.

A range of compatible extensions

You can use your favourite extensions, like PostGIS for geolocation, or TimescaleDB for time series. We regularly update the list of compatible extensions.

A community effort

The principles of architecture that we follow are based on the PostgreSQL community. Our teams are active contributors, particularly on projects like Patroni.

Our Enterprise Cloud Database solutions for PostgreSQL

Cluster RAM (GB) per node Physical cores per node Storage per cluster Price per month per cluster
PostgreSQL-16 16 4 960 GB SSD RAID 10 €750 ex. VAT/month
PostgreSQL-32 32 4 960 GB SSD RAID 10 €950 ex. VAT/month
PostgreSQL-64 64 6 1.92 TB SSD RAID 10 €1,500 ex. VAT/month
PostgreSQL-128 128 8 3.84 TB SSD RAID 10 €2,500 ex. VAT/month
PostgreSQL-192 192 16 31.456 TB SSD RAID 10 €8,250 ex. VAT/month
Need support or information?

You can request a free callback from an OVHcloud advisor.

Highly-available managed solutions

Performances optimisées

Optimised performance

Each PostgreSQL cluster has dedicated hardware resources for each of its nodes (single-tenant architecture). This means you get optimal computing power, and an isolated infrastructure.

Outils d'observabilité

Monitoring tools

Get metrics and event logs for your clusters with popular tools like Grafana, Graylog and Kibana. This service is included in your solution.

Gestion simplifiée

Simplified management

You can manage your cluster via a graphical interface. Add nodes to scale up, manage backups and restorations, and secure access via specific rules. We also deliver a REST API, and superuser PostgreSQL access for all of your operations.

Our Partners


Dalibo will help you with your project, from design to migration — and offers 24/7 monitoring. It has training programmes, and actively contributes to the PostgreSQL community.


Oslandia offers support for your projects, from start to finish. This company has expertise in PostgreSQL and PostGIS/QGIS.