The perfect collaborative platform for document management

Store, organise, share and securely view your information from any device.


From €4.99 ex. VAT/month/account

1TB of sharing space
100GB OneDrive account
Hosted with OVHcloud in Europe

Services included with SharePoint

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Hosted in Europe

Your data is hosted in France, in our own datacentres.

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Word/Excel/PowerPoint Web Apps

Collaborate easily online with built-in Microsoft 365 Web Apps.

24-hour backups

We manage daily backups of your data for added security. Access your database archive at any time.


EDM: Electronic Document Management

You can create as many workspaces as you want. Within each site, you can share all common documents, and manage publishing and viewing rights. You also control the versioning of your document libraries, so you can keep track of their edits and changes. SharePoint provides you with optimised, secure content management.


Work collaboratively and edit the same files

SharePoint has a web application package that includes Word, Excel and PowerPoint to quickly view all shared documents. If you have a Microsoft 365 licence, Office Web Apps enables users to edit documents directly from their web browser, wherever they are. Use these collaborative tools to optimise your business processes without limits, and boost your teams’ productivity as a result.


With OneDrive, access your backup space in SharePoint

Back up all your files to OneDrive by simply dragging and dropping them, and manage the access rights of other SharePoint users yourself.



To help lead your team, SharePoint includes calendar and task management applications as well as repositories. These applications can be connected directly in Outlook, so that each team member can be synced for project organisation. This way, you can easily deploy a collaborative working method.


Share ideas

In SharePoint, every user has a blog to share their ideas and thoughts. With the Newsfeed feature, anyone can share short impressions by targeting all users or a site. Create a document library to store your employees' ideas.

Microsoft SharePoint is the ultimate collaborative working tool for organisations that want to ensure an optimal user experience. Use this interface to set up work environments for your employees, facilitate information exchange within your intranet, and encourage teamwork.


With us, migration is simple and free of charge.

With the OVHcloud SharePoint Migrator, migrate your SharePoint users simply and at no extra cost.

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Your questions answered

Where is the SharePoint platform physically hosted?

Our SharePoint services are hosted in our datacentres in France.

What version of SharePoint do you offer?

We are offering version 2016 with the Standard licence.

How do I sync documents stored in SharePoint with my desktop?

Go to the website, or to the corporate OneDrive that you want to sync locally. In the top left-hand corner, you will find a button that lets you sync the space with your computer (admin permissions may be required, so remember to configure authentication in advance).

How do I share a document within a site?

With the platform, users can share files easily. You can create a new document, or use the drag-and-drop function to add a document that is already on your computer by clicking the ‘Upload’ button. You can also share files from a SharePoint online space.

How do you set up versioning to use SharePoint as an Electronic Document Management (EDM) solution?

First, you need to create a library. You can enable and configure versioning from your website in the library settings (Library Settings > Versioning Settings).

How do you manage permissions in SharePoint?

Log in to your SharePoint platform, and go to ‘Site Settings’ to configure permissions in ‘Users and permissions’. You can also restrict connections to the platform from the admin panel.

How does monthly billing work?

Invoices are generated monthly, falling on the day of the month that the services were ordered. If you configure a new account in an existing service, the cost of the account will be added to your monthly bill.

Why choose a collaborative solution?

Aside from being able to create an easy-to-access virtual workspace, collaborative solutions enable agile development methods to be fostered between teams. This boosts productivity, encourages people to help one another, and enables horizontal exchanges between teams. Today’s businesses need to be responsive and united. Integrating collaborative SaaS solutions like Microsoft 365, an enterprise social network (via an intranet portal or downloadable collaborative application), and collaborative project management tools into a company’s IT system represents a significant asset as businesses quickly convert to digital. SharePoint is the most popular document sharing tool, but there are other types of collaborative working tools you can use for your teams.

  • Instant Messaging: This tool is essential to facilitate communication between individual employees, especially when a portion of the workforce works remotely. Emails can often take a while to respond to, and do not allow for informal exchanges. With instant messaging, you can create group conversations by team, business unit or office.
  • Wiki: This tool is useful for creating glossaries or encyclopaedias of technical terms and processes specific to your company, so that all teams have access to the same information. You can also use it to set up task automation.
  • Video-conferencing: This tool makes it easy to collaborate in real time, no matter where your employees are based.

There is a very wide range of available options for collaborative working. All you need to do is check your company’s collaboration requirements, and consider how these different solutions can be integrated into your ERP.