Web hosting Mexico

Web Hosting Mexico

For more than 20 years, OVHcloud has offered simple, efficient and affordable web hosting solutions for both individuals and professionals. Our teams are responsible for setting up our own servers, available in the various OVHcloud datacenters around the world.

  • Accommodation at the best price 
  • Easy to use to simplify first steps online 
  • Numerous professional services included
OVHcloud Web Hosting

Web hosting OVHcloud

Benefits of hosting your website on OVHcloud


By choosing a web hosting Mexico with OVHcloud you will enjoy the best guarantees in terms of confidentiality and security, as our service complies with all relevant regulations. This allows you to offer both your business and your customers a robust and reliable web service.

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The best performance for your projects

The quality of the server on which your website is hosted is not the only criterion for evaluating its performance; localization is also an important factor, as it determines the speed at which pages appear in your customers' browser. OVHcloud's datacenter accommodations spread around the world ensure the lowest possible load time.

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Included services tailored to professionals

To help you develop your activity, we have designed our hosting plans with a wide variety of services. So, in addition to publishing your website or online store, you can also activate professional email accounts associated with your domain. You'll also have an automated daily backup of your databases and files stored on your disk space (FTP), which you can use whenever you need it.

Security is not an option

Their activity is essential, and that's why all our services offer a high level of security. Our anti-DDoS protection protects all our servers against distributed denial-of-service attacks. In addition, you can also activate a free SSL certificate in your hosting, ensuring a secure connection every time visitors access your website.

What is the hosting or hosting of a website?

Hosting websites or web hosting makes a corporate website, blog or e-commerce platform available online. Normally a website is created locally (i.e. on a computer) and therefore cannot be accessed through a browser. To make it available online, you must host it by transferring your files to an internet-connected server. If this is a dynamic Web site, you must deploy the database to the same hosting so that the Web site can connect to it and function properly. Do you want to launch your web project? In OVHcloud we make it easy!

Where to host my website?

Once you have created your website locally on your computer, you will need to choose the most appropriate hosting provider.

If your business and your customers are in Mexico, we recommend that you choose a hosting provider with a global presence like OVHcloud that allows you to optimize the performance of your website. The best type of hosting to start with will be shared hosting, as it offers a turnkey solution at the lowest possible cost. This option is ideal for a WordPress hosting service in Mexico, for example, with a control panel to manage your services and sufficient storage space for your web files. If you need help, you can consult our documentation available in Spanish, as well as our hosting guides.

Which hosting provider to choose to host my website in Mexico?

The ideal web hosting provider should offer a solution that meets your needs and expectations. So your service needs to be powerful and stable, and provide you with full functionality to focus on your business.

OVHcloud, as one of the main web hosting providers in Mexico, offers you the best solutions available today in the market, at a very affordable price. Discover our different hosting plans and choose the option that best suits your project!

Why choose OVHcloud to host your website in Mexico?

By choosing a web hosting provider such as OVHcloud you will be partnering with an actor fully committed to data respect and controlling the entire supply chain, thanks to its more than 20 years of experience. All OVHcloud solutions include the services needed to successfully develop your online project.

What advantages will you enjoy when choosing a web hosting in Mexico from OVHcloud?

The main advantage of a web hosting optimized for Mexico with OVHcloud is that you will enjoy a variety of services included, at no additional cost. Therefore, our accommodations are provided with the necessary configuration for the proper functioning of your website, without the need for technical knowledge.

Among other services, our hosting plans include databases, SSL certificates, mail accounts and automatic backups. In addition, you can also choose the location of your solutions, based on your needs. Want to create a ready-to-use website? Select the installation in one click with one of our CMS (WordPress, Drupal, PrestaShop, Joomla!).

OVHcloud offers different solutions adapted to the maturity level of each project. So you can start with shared web hosting and then migrate to a dedicated server or cloud solution to further develop your infrastructure.