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Compared to other players on the market, OVHcloud offers:
  • OVHcloud simple deployment
    2x performance(1)
  • OVHcloud competitive prices
    Bills halved(2)
Choose from a wide range of cloud solutions
billed on a pay-as-you-go basis

Launch your project with £50 free credit* with the code: UKCLOUD50

Our products

IOPS - instances offering exceptional transactional performance

IOPSThe best servers on the market for big data and databases

Exceptional read/write performance



  • Sized for databases and big data clusters
  • Up to 2M IOPS, the quickest read/write performance
  • 100% of the power from hardware resources, with direct access to NVMe drives
Object Compatible with your tools, and with no risk of vendor lock-in
with the

Object StorageMigrate from AWS S3 to OVHcloud, and lower your costs by at least half

Setup and usage via simple command lines

  • Generate the credentials you need to use on any S3-compatible tool

    $ openstack ec2 credentials create

  • Using the Object Storage service without affecting your application

    $ aws s3 cp file.txt s3://bucket/file.txt


  • Using your tools and getting compatibility with market standards
  • Data storage on a space accessible via the S3 API
  • Scalable: unlimited storage space
  • Resilient: your data is distributed within clusters
Data Analytics Platform
Clusters on demand

Analytics Data PlatformBig data clusters deployed in less than an hour

Ideal for

  • Deploying services required for big data application data processing
  • Final applications such as market analysis, business intelligence, IoT and predictive maintenance
  • DevOps and data scientists


  • Ultra-fast: we can deliver a preconfigured, ready-to-use Apache Hadoop stack in less than an hour
  • A layer for protecting traffic and operations
  • Simplified management via a web interface
Create an account
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Launch your project with £50 free credit* with the code: UKCLOUD50

Our customers

MDDV Testimonial

Our customers are price-conscious,
and our goal is to offer them high-quality solutions.
This is why we recommend OVHcloud products, that offer an exceptional price/performance ratio.

Paweł Ufnalewski, CTO of MDDV
Intesens Testimonial

Today, the web application we have developed fulfils most of the initial requirements. But recently, we have seen increasing use of our API, which allows data to be interconnected with our customers’ existing information systems. The Public Cloud allows us to adapt to these developments very easily.

Mathieu Sacrispeyre, CEO of Intesens
The cloud - a significant approach for the data revolution

The cloud - a significant approach
for the data revolution

Cloud computing helps businesses scale up their infrastructure, and get adapted computing resources and space to process and store volumes of data that grow exponentially. When the cloud is based on a SMART approach, its advantages are clear:

  • it helps users make economies of scale
  • it offers flexibility with on-demand resources
  • it offers control over data governance
  • it offers reversibility by following market standards

OVHcloud global infrastructure

more than 1.4 million users
customers in 132 countries
are using our global infrastructure

70 Tbps
of global network capacity 

33 datacentres
based in 4 continents

44 redundant PoPs
around the world

(1) According to the benchmark set by Cloud Spectator
(2) Based on public prices for object storage from OVHcloud and AWS S3
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