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Streamline your data science journey

As an infrastructure leader, we know how complex and skill-intensive infrastructure management can be. Still, your data and machine learning projects require you to adapt your resources to achieve agility, scalability, performance and cost-control.

OVHcloud supports data practitioners, developers and IT departments with cloud services that help accelerate your time-to-market, control your TCO and improve efficiency. Use our opensource AI solutions with your favorite market tools and frameworks to eliminate all infrastructure set-up and management.

Simplify your data science journey with OVHcloud's data and AI portfolio

OVHcloud’s data and AI solutions - AI software

Store & access

Object storage for your data

Object storage for your data

Thanks to OVHcloud Object Storage, you can access your data via main market tools such as the OpenStack, Swift API, or the S3 API. Object Storage makes your project easier to manage, by offering you both competitive pricing and the assurance that your data is secure. It's the perfect place to store your static content; such as images, text files or tables, sound and video.

Explore & prepare

data analysis with Apache Spark OVHcloud

Quick and simple data analysis with Apache Spark

If you use Apache Spark to clean up and refine your data, you can leverage OVHcloud Data Processing to deploy your jobs as a service. Without any infrastructure configuration time and set-up costs, you can dramatically accelerate your time to deliver.

Jupyter Notebooks deployment OVHcloud

Jupyter Notebooks deployment in a few clicks

Deploy your Jupyter Notebooks in a few clicks without any infrastructure or software configuration. Thanks to OVHcloud object storage, you benefit from resilient and always available storage, with no need for backups.

Novagen Conseil's early adopter testimonial on OVHcloud Data Processing

OVHcloud AI Training

AI training, AI software as a service OVHcloud

AI training as a service

When designing your machine learning or deep learning model, using OVHcloud AI Training allows you to either bootstrap your model leveraging community experience and models, or write your own.

Either way, this Artificial intelligence solution eliminates all infrastructure management and works with Docker to facilitate code sharing and accelerate your model development and training.

GPU as a service OVHcloud

GPU as a service

Before deploying in production, fine-tune your model, adjust it and compare your results. You can launch several jobs at the same time, and use multiple GPUs per job to accelerate your processing. Our Nvidia GPUs drastically simplify your CUDA-based machine learning workflow, and are natively compatible with popular frameworks like Tensorflow and PyTorch.

AI Solutions: Deploy & manage

machine learning model deployment OVHcloud, AI Software

Simplified machine learning model deployment

Once your model is trained, streamline your machine learning model deployment in production in just a few minutes using OVHcloud MLServing. This means you can add value to your business as a developer, without any infrastructure configuration or management. Monitoring and autoscaling are key to simplifying your deployment.

Community support and shared expertise OVHcloud

Community support and shared expertise

Benefit from the experience of the data scientist community and choose from thousands of opensource, pre-trained models - such as NLP or image recognition - to accelerate your data science journey and reduce your costs.

Reduce your costs

Best price to performance ratio in the Cloud OVHcloud

Best price-to-performance ratio in the Cloud

GPU instances integrate NVIDIA Tesla V100S graphic processors to meet the requirements of massively parallel processing for AI software. Get the advantages of on-demand resources and billing-per-minute for machine learning and deep-learning.

OVHcloud offers the lowest price on the market for Nivdia GPUs.

Transparent & predictable pricing OVHcloud

Transparent & predictable pricing

OVHcloud provides AI solutions in the cloud with simple billing and no hidden costs. Our competitors have complex pricing structures for storage (network costs between services and regions, API calls from and to Object Storage, but with OVHcloud all these costs are strictly limited or free.)

What is AI and why is it important?

We are generating more and more data because of the multiplicity of technologies and our increasingly hyperconnected environment. This surplus of information is impossible for a human being to process, and it is not usable for strategic decisions. Artificial intelligence is the main alternative to this problem. It sets up a process of computer learning to enable it to process, synthesize data and thus facilitate decision-making. Machine learning and, by extension, deep learning are the future of data analysis. Their combination testing and predictive analysis system makes it possible to process large volumes of data. So you have all the information you need to make your important decisions.

Why use AI?

AI is already used in many areas involving extensive data processing, such as medical diagnostics, electric or autonomous automobile, facial recognition, etc. OVHcloud helps you deploy your IA projects for your business. The benefits of this implementation are many: Reduce errors in the processing of your information, improve your work processes, reduce the burden of your work force, promote digital support for all your employees. This way you can turn to the future of your business in complete serenity.

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