High Grade dedicated servers

Our High Grade dedicated servers for your critical workloads

Leverage industry-leading software and solutions. High-Grade servers are essential for hyperconverged infrastructures (HCI), software-defined storage (SDS), and high-resilience infrastructures.

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Designed for complex uses: virtualisation, containerisation, orchestration, database, big data, web analytics.
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Platforms optimised for software solutions such as Red Hat, OpenIO, VMware, Proxmox, NetApp, and Suse.
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A resilient high-bandwidth network, available in many geographical areas.

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The amount of data a company is required to process increases enormously over time. This raises the questions of how to manage this massive influx of information, and how to control costs. Find out how our dedicated servers meet your needs, while guaranteeing durability and security for your data.

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From £524.15 ex. VAT/month

Hyperconverged infrastructures are software-defined infrastructures that group all computing, storage and network features. They optimise resource usage, which reduces operating costs and increases productivity as a result.

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From £548.72 ex. VAT/month

Archive & stockage

Your archiving and backup systems handle increasingly high volumes of data. For optimal operation, it is important to ensure that their configurations are suitable. They need to be equipped with high storage capacity, and deliver consistent performance.

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From £778.04 ex. VAT/month


There are many advantages to virtualisation and containerisation, when it comes to deploying projects and modernising applications. These advantages include optimising hardware and software investments, as well as long-term flexibility. The raw resources of our bare metal servers offer flexibility and efficiency. You can choose your virtualisation and/or containerisation applications.

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From £589.67 ex. VAT/month

The advantages of a High Grade server

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Servers for critical uses

Select the server that best suits your needs, then deploy your project. You will benefit from:

  • more computing power for hyperconverged infrastructures (HCI)
  • more storage for software-defined storage (SDS)
  • more capacity for data storage and archiving
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An innovative high-speed network

When designing your private cloud or cluster, it is important to keep in mind the communication between your machines. By enabling the OVHcloud Link Aggregation (OLA) feature, you get an internal, secure 50Gbit/s* network for transferring data between your servers.

*The OVHcloud Link Aggregation feature must be enabled and configured to use the four network links.

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Availability, reliability and security

For maximum availability, our platforms integrate a quadruple-redundant physical network and a double power supply. Our disks (SAS, SATA and NVMe) can be hot-swapped, i.e. replaced without rebooting the server.


32 Tbps
of global network capacity

33 datacentres
present on 4 continents

38 redundant PoPs
around the world

What is the difference between a high-performance server and a standard server?

All projects are different — they do not require the same volume of resources or the same features. Unlike most cases, where a standard server is enough to launch a website or application, other situations require a high-performance server with a higher quality of service.

Our top-range servers are designed for projects with high added value, which require high performance and adapted resources. They are designed with next-gen datacentre-grade components, and are scaled to handle high volumes of RAM, multiple processors, and multiple disk types.

What is a premium server used for?

A top-range server is also referred to as a premium server. It is intended for resource-intensive uses, and can handle high volumes of workloads. These uses include big data, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and resource-intensive applications. This type of activity requires reliable, high-performance hardware.